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  1. Saying sorry after sexually harassing someone makes it all better? You misogynist pig. You might as well call yourself Trump.
  2. Looks like my schedule has opened up a bit and I thought I might give playing some battles on this server another crack. Not sure if I'll get to the 2K required for SD on the official forums, but will likely get to the required number to post in CR/D if it wasn't so dead. With the recent round of clam deaths, are there any that are actually worth joining for a forum active account that plays the occasional pub game? I realise that likelihood of finding a clam that with a stronghold is slim, but thought I'd throw it out there for suggestions.
  3. Wow, premonition much? It would seem that seanl has taken a page from the HoPeLeSSS book of forum stalking. So this just happened I wasn't really sure how to respond, so just did this.
  4. Wow, this seanl guy seems to be a bit of a douche http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/64401-i-didnt-received-the-rental-japanese-tiger-why/page__pid__1503137#entry1503137
  5. Save password is up: http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/60769-save-password-at-login/
  6. 300 gold - huzzah! http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/63112-dragons-gold/page__st__220__p__1484221#entry1484221
  7. At least you can still post in it. It was bad enough that CR/D is a 500 battle minimum, but the 2000 requirement for SD is too much.
  8. Darvis once again shows that he can't moderate properly. My post is quoted later in the thread and remains visible still.
  9. Well done. Now that you have made Darvis cry he is going on a petty crusade and looking for things to red crayon people over. Apparently HoPeFooLLL is now a "Warning - General Insults (minor) - 1st offense" From 2 days ago! I think Darvis needs to have his training wheels put back on. it would be interesting to see who reported it. Since struth has said he hasn't reported posts then he is either retard and a liar, or it was one of Hopeys sock puppet accounts. Or Darvis is just being a petty cunt.
  10. Poor Serene_Potato - I thought he was already on a forum RO. Banitha just hit him again. Serene_Potato, on 12 January 2016 - 08:26 PM, said: Btw WG, nice try, but it's going to be not much use. The people willing to rig for the T-22 sr have likely got it already. We have a delete button. So settle with the insults p
  11. Oh LOL - 2 abuses in there: This is just a big conspiracy to stop 47%ers in NZAD from getting reward tanks. Is this considered abuse? All of their crying in the forums should then be considered disputing WG actions and sanctioned accordingly. You do have me in that is was in the Campaign4 subforum, and not CR/D. But then I don't have 500 battles to be able to post in there. And their shitty comments weren't posted there either. And LOL that you have spent gold to get ready for the Campaign! There were a number of NZAD muppets complaining that they had spent gold. This was
  12. Wow Darvis, just wow This is now considered Personal abuse or attacks Ofishul forums just gave me cervical cancer. It has nothing to do with my line of work.
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