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  1. does that mean im not doing the right things in my 59-16? Understanding the stats are rather confusing, in terms of analyzing how to play better.
  2. ... your overall Wn8 in the 59-16 is 2950 but winrate is only 39.74% http://wotlabs.net/na/player/TheHQ guess I better carry harder
  3. never did unlock the final 88, wasnt worth. Already have the guns on the Nashorn though (Ty JP). Cant wait to buy it since im dirt poor right now from buying equip for ma T49
  4. So I just spent 270 gold to free exp the thing. Couldnt stand the Chai sniping. Is the nashorn any better in terms of camo?
  5. Eh, needed the borsig with its good camo to be invisible to complete that one mission where you have to be invisibru. Plus the borsig dont look all that bad... ty for telling how to pronounce Nashorn guess its back to Chai, red-line sniping for me
  6. No love to the Matilda IV? aw... looking forward to the chinese LT buffs tho
  7. So I've bought a new german toaster but the thing keeps giving me burnt toast. I mean the moment I try to fire the 88mm gun, it seems everyone realizes that the toaster is there and they all come to try and steal my toast! So the toaster can't keep up with the demand of toast and the thing just blows up. And this is with a camo net deployed! So are there any tips on how to make better toast or should I just free exp to the nash?
  8. So with the current FASTBOIS meta in tier 6 skirmishes what should I focus on for crew skills and equipment? Those that enhance firepower / ability to do damage or those that enhance the spotting ability of light tanks? Oh and add why too!
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