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  1. This thread is making me want to just always run 3-man unicum platoons and be a douchebag to everyone else in the matches http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/504956-arty-gloating-in-chat/ amazing how many are defending gloating incompetents and seem to be perfectly happy that people are being douchebags to each other. 

  2. #UNDEFEATED #CL #Champions

    GGs tonight Mahou, congrats on sheriffs! :)

    1. Assassin7


      Shame I was in a class at the time, so I couldn't show up or even watch. but Well done to everyone :)

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    2. Assassin7


      also complaining that his 57% platoon mate had a bad game for once. oh noes

    3. Sidus_Preclarum
    4. Sidus_Preclarum


      Also, I play WAY to much and yet that guy has managed to play TWICE as many games despite his account's age being 2/3 of mine…

    1. MacusFlash


      Ok, give clickers tank sniper view but nerf their HP to 1 and give them 1mm armor everywhere (also count guns as normal armor too). 

  3. Watch a guy try to 3 mark CGC (TD) in Minecraft: http://www.twitch.tv/abandoned_spirit

    1. XXCaptainUnicorn
    2. Nuttydave1234


      Was tooning with him yesterday with my 3 marked CGC (TD)

  4. Lol SOLID shitters chip spam us with 6 simultaneous battles, lose all of them.

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    2. DeltaVolt


      Heh not worth my time to find out what their TS is. Wouldn't normally call a clan "shitters" either but I feel it's a pretty fitting word for someone who throws 6 surprise simultaneous battles against you.



      Glad they got punished for this. We were just complaining about this yesterday.

    4. Fulcrous
  5. http://i.imgur.com/Fb1gFRx.jpg Found this old gem.

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    2. Assassin7
    3. DeltaVolt


      It was a while back, right between the death of Enjoy and my joining of Relic. So like a year and 9 months or so ago? Either way, made my day back then :D

    4. Animactus


      Stop hackewing

  6. Watched http://www.twitch.tv/dreamingfly_ have an S-51 turn and snap-shoot his T-54 for >1k. Then an SU-14-2 turn and snap-shoot his moving BatChat (no aiming at all, literally spotted and fired in like 1.5s) for a kill. Good reminder for why I should continue not to play WoT :awyeah:

    1. X3N4


      that guy is pretty bad, no wonder he gets outplayed all the time

  7. Played AW today. So much more fun than WoT, at this point it's going to be really hard to justify playing a WG game over it.

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    2. zapyoug


      I run both games on the lowest settings I can run and still see the ground in front of me (AW is actually un playable on full min as you cant actually see anything)

    3. Nekommando


      I find AW for me runs smoother than WoT. Apart from the occasional "lag shot" issue.

    4. zapyoug


      The lagging after shots is supposedly due to the way the game is programmed/the engine so it happens regardless of your setup

  8. Carry hard weekend


  9. Good session today


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    2. rojo180


      that 54e1 clearly got ammo racked. RNG man. 2gud4him :disco:

    3. DeltaVolt


      He fired 8 shots :popcorn:

    4. rojo180


      Hey I've seen waffle 100s fire 0 shots and die.

      E for EFFORT

  10. Lol arty player bitching that his team doesn't get more top tiers because he's playing cancer:


    1. MAJEST1C


      Comment #25 is the best

  11. Been away for a couple of weeks. What the hell are Ancient Weapons and do they have anything to do with Aliens?

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    2. DeltaVolt


      Huh okay, kind of sucks I missed that Type59/Patton thing, was it any good? Already have a KV-5 so no problem there. Is it a weekly thing or do they have some odd schedule for revealing them?

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      type59patton was pretty mediocre(largest hatch in existence, impossible to miss and destroys any sort of hulldown/peekaboo potential), you didnt miss much by not getting it (was in a 55$ package)

      KV5 is being sold until September 15th, that is when the next tank will be revealed. Then the 4th/final tank will be revealed on the 22nd.


    4. DeltaVolt


      Awesome, thanks for the info!

  12. Anyone want to check test server for 907 and M60 pen for me please?

  13. Why did the steam summer sale have to come during the mini-campaign?

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    2. DeltaVolt


      Buying isn't really the problem, I now have a ton of new games to play once I get home from work but I have to play WoT to get IS-5 :/

    3. Evelyn


      You can play them in 8 days :3

    4. Jojo_Joseph_Joestar


      On the same boat delta :c

  14. E100, where have you been all my life?

    1. Evelyn



    2. PityFool


      Its such a beast

  15. WoT subreddit is so filled with terribads jerking each other off that I just went ahead and unsubscribed. Will be glad to never see it again.

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    2. Constie


      You read the Bulba thread, didnt you? :3

    3. X3N4


      I've never read stuff there until Tiger showed me and it's really cancer...

    4. rumpage


      Well, I'm off to read WoT subreddit!

  16. I've set a tank a tier higher than me on fire! And it ONLY took me 1 and a half months!

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    2. PityFool


      i bought the sta shitcan :3 I also acquired a CDC.. and a crommie

    3. Scout_in_da_house


      Cromwell is best I think, how is the STA? I'm (finally) nearing the end of chiri shithaus :)

    4. PityFool


      its not bad, gun is pretty nice. The main issue is the complete lack of armour = constant 1 shots from arty and HE shooting pubbies wrecking you. Module damage is also pretty bad, engine dies all the time. Other than that, its not a bad tank.

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