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  1. Kewei believes that it's the best way to get better (trial by fire, if you will) and I tend to agree with him on this - assuming that you are actively trying to get better by considering what you did right and what went catastrophically wrong (and most importantly why) and learning from it. The reason it's so effective? Tier 10 tends to be pretty punishing of mistakes, so you're bound to get lots of learning material until you're significantly better than average.
  2. If you enjoy it then why care about stats? It's harder to carry at tier 10, but if that's where you're having more fun then it's your prerogative to play it.
  3. This thread is making me want to just always run 3-man unicum platoons and be a douchebag to everyone else in the matches http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/504956-arty-gloating-in-chat/ amazing how many are defending gloating incompetents and seem to be perfectly happy that people are being douchebags to each other. 

  4. This is the only tank you'll ever hear me say this, but you can failplatoon with a tier 10 because lolwhatarmor for your BL-10 in order to get those higher-HP matches.
  5. No point grinding 704 to tier 10, it's the better tank.
  6. BL-10 at tier 8, that's all that needs to be said. When I was grinding it I went something like 60k XP over what I needed for the 704 before I realized that I actually had enough - not because I am usually inattentive but because it's actually a fun tank that I didn't check the XP on after every match wondering how much longer until the next tank.
  7. Anyone know when sheriffs are supposed to be given out? I hope it's a bit of a delay since I'll be gone all of next week and then shopping for a condo will take a good bit of my post-work evenings
  8. Give it up for the UNDEFEATED 2 TIME CLAN LEAGUE CHAMPIONS! ^_^ Well played tonight, boys.
  9. #UNDEFEATED #CL #Champions

    GGs tonight Mahou, congrats on sheriffs! :)

    1. Assassin7


      Shame I was in a class at the time, so I couldn't show up or even watch. but Well done to everyone :)

  10. Artillery is the thing that drives me away from the game. I come back sometimes, play a few battles, and am usually promptly reminded to leave again.
  11. I must be color blind, could have sworn I saw a blue box under Fixer's name
  12. From the video with the Russian guy explaining it seems like there is no aim resetting - he says that since it's pointing at basically the same point in the sky the aim circle doesn't really matter. To the plus side, the aim circle "size" would be as if you're shooting at the furthest point on the map, which is to say at it's most inaccurate.
  13. Wait, how big is the performance difference between 1070 and 1080? I'm on the GTX 780 and perfectly happy with it for now but that 1080 looks drool-worthy.
  14. I think it has great potential for improving games if handled properly. GameLift isn't so much cloud computing as it is the back-end server infrastructure (and whatever computing would be normally done on that, or choose to do on that) and the idea is that you could get servers really close to where you live to decrease lag and the service will allow you to scale up or down as much as you want, so issues like what so often happens with servers going down during launch because someone made a miscalculation can be avoided.
  15. Software developer at Amazon, recently my team released 1) A AAA game engine: https://aws.amazon.com/lumberyard/ 2) A service that can act as your back-end for multiplayer video games: https://aws.amazon.com/gamelift/
  16. Lol last Clan League season we paid out 2 million gold, this is sure to make doing something like that fun again.
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    2. Assassin7


      also complaining that his 57% platoon mate had a bad game for once. oh noes

    3. Sidus_Preclarum
    4. Sidus_Preclarum


      Also, I play WAY to much and yet that guy has managed to play TWICE as many games despite his account's age being 2/3 of mine…

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