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  1. The Luchs and Leo 16 both have the same top speed. Luchs has better power to weight ratio and therefore better acceleration. 3cm autocannon is godly with a two or three skill crew. Reload in my Luchs is just a little over 12 seconds. Leo 16 is something like 16 seconds but has an additonal round, two or three rounds per squeeze in the clip. Luchs has good camo value as well. With BiA, Vents, and Optics looking at very close to max view range. Pretty easy to abuse vison games with either of them. Overall I prefer the Luchs as killing a low Hp Tiger or bully T29 is the ultimate tear extrac
  2. Thanks for the thoughtful reply. It explains a lot of the "Invisitank hackers! Has proofs inside." posts over on the official forums where the guy posts a replay where he beelines toward his preselected "good spot", camps there for 30 seconds or so, gets spotted by an LT, and then gets plinked to death by an E-25 with max camo crew/net/paint. Obviously, it must be cheating. Right? Right!? The vision mechanics are not terribly well explained in the tutorial. If it weren't for XVM, I would have no idea just how far I could actually detect an enemy tank. You have to go out of game, and
  3. I would agree. T1 play that a new player is introduced to, the "play4fun loltraktor autopen-all-the-things" has literally ZERO to do with later game play. The "tutorial" is woefully inadequate and teaches you very little about actual game mechanics. Weak spots isn't even mentioned other than, "Shoot enemy tanks from the side or rear.". Which in most cases is not possible because everyone is hiding behind a rock/building (because arty) and the only shots you get to make are against (seemingly) impenetrable front armor. Certainly lead to a lot of frustration for me until I learned how to deal wi
  4. Thanks for the warm welcomes all. I'm terrible, but improving gradually. Looking at my played tanks, I only have a handful I need to correct with win rates. I may grind them up to 50%, leave them so they are no longer dragging me down overall. Right now I'm working on getting at least one kill per match, and do at least my own HP in damage.
  5. I don't want to be a tomato. I no longer want to exist to pad the stats of players barely better than me. That's why I'm here. I go by Incindir. aka "Mouse". I followed a couple of my friends over to WoT from Eve Online, who decided to start playing with tanks. I used to be a tank crewman in previous career path, and I miss my Abrams dearly. I tried this game out several years ago. WoT was a very different creature then. Having picked it up again with friends to platoon with, I am enjoying it much more. Tragically, I have a dread fascination with fascist box tanks. I did not rea
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