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    Ze german lights

    The Luchs and Leo 16 both have the same top speed. Luchs has better power to weight ratio and therefore better acceleration. 3cm autocannon is godly with a two or three skill crew. Reload in my Luchs is just a little over 12 seconds. Leo 16 is something like 16 seconds but has an additonal round, two or three rounds per squeeze in the clip. Luchs has good camo value as well. With BiA, Vents, and Optics looking at very close to max view range. Pretty easy to abuse vison games with either of them. Overall I prefer the Luchs as killing a low Hp Tiger or bully T29 is the ultimate tear extractor. Leo 16 will bounce some shots due to angled armor, shit depression, slower acceleration but very similar to Luchs.
  2. Thanks for the thoughtful reply. It explains a lot of the "Invisitank hackers! Has proofs inside." posts over on the official forums where the guy posts a replay where he beelines toward his preselected "good spot", camps there for 30 seconds or so, gets spotted by an LT, and then gets plinked to death by an E-25 with max camo crew/net/paint. Obviously, it must be cheating. Right? Right!? The vision mechanics are not terribly well explained in the tutorial. If it weren't for XVM, I would have no idea just how far I could actually detect an enemy tank. You have to go out of game, and often third party, to get a good idea of just how it works. It took me a little while to the mental math in how I need to position some of my tanks to take advantage of camo/vision mechanics. Camo values are a hidden stat that players aren't allowed to see. Logically, in the real world, a big hunk of metal like a Churchill is going to be a lot harder to hide than say... a Luchs. But because WG is so selective on what they choose to stay loyal to in terms of realism, it makes it difficult to determine which mechanics behave like they would in real life and which act more like science fiction. I feel that is what frustrates a lot of newer players to death, not so much that things are wonky, but that they are deliberately wonky and WG doesn't want you to know that they are wonky. (You vant stronk gold tonk, da? On sale. You buy for bank card sale, da? Is worse than regular tonk, but we not tell. You buy anyway, we throw in one day premium. It cost more than if you buy separate. You buy anyway, da? You buy or we kidnap family and put in gulag.) The "Winners Mentality" isn't something that most people have inherently. It takes discipline and humility. When I was training at Ft. Knox we had a kid who was loading. I'll never forget this guy. This private was just the worst most disorganized soup sandwich looking motherfucker when he started basic. Gomer M.F. Pyle. He was constantly getting shit on by everyone. Then one day it just clicked for him. He started owning his mistakes. All it took was a short talk from someone that wasn't concerned about how much starch you put in your collar, or how much Kiwi he put on his boots, and more concerned with how he performed with his crew. The rest fell into line once he knew and accepted that failure is giving up, not making mistakes. Anyway we were out on FTX and I had this kid loading for me. He fucked up and broke his arm because he called "up" before his hand was out of the way of the breach block. Gunner heard "up" and he ripped the round downrange. I don't think I need to explain what happens when a recoilling 120mm cannon meets a human arm in the way. The medic slapped an airbrace on it, kid sitting like a stone statue on the side skirts. Didn't wince, didn't shed so much as a tear. Looked and me and said "Sergeant, I'm not letting us down, I wanna keep goin.". He then proceeded to show an unparalleled amount of testicular fortitude by refusing to go to the hospital and loaded rounds like a golden god the rest of the day. Some true high-speed low-drag performance. He certainly didn't come to the Army that way, the Army made him that way. It can be learned, I've seen it. It takes leaders and trainers that understand mentorship and the difference between someone who is frustrated or confused because they are inept, and someone who doesn't give a fuck. I didn't have to smoke him out on the deck until his arms hit muscle failure. I didn't have to chew him out at 120 decibels half an inch from his ear. I didn't have to make him do pointless grabass tasks, play shitfuck mindgames with him, or talk down to him like he was lower than snail shit in a French trench. Just sat him down, looked him in the eye, and human being to human being, explained that his platoon needed him, he was fucking up and needed to own it and learn. And this kid wasn't the only case where I simply had to cut out the military bullshit act for two minutes and address a kid like a human being and tell them to simply accept their own mistakes. Same thing here. Unicums have a prime opportunity to take that mentoring role, but a minority latch on to a really negative mindset and stroke themselves off over who can come up with the most clever way to insult a new player. Yes it's frustrating dealing with idiots, but when I have to deal with it, it's far easier to simply connect with someone for half a minute and flip their viewpoint to one that will allow them the opportunity to succeed so I don't have to put up with the ineptitude anymore.
  3. I would agree. T1 play that a new player is introduced to, the "play4fun loltraktor autopen-all-the-things" has literally ZERO to do with later game play. The "tutorial" is woefully inadequate and teaches you very little about actual game mechanics. Weak spots isn't even mentioned other than, "Shoot enemy tanks from the side or rear.". Which in most cases is not possible because everyone is hiding behind a rock/building (because arty) and the only shots you get to make are against (seemingly) impenetrable front armor. Certainly lead to a lot of frustration for me until I learned how to deal with some of the more commonly played tanks at low tier like the KV-1. I used to be a tank crewman, M1A1 and M1A2, and spent a large amount of time in simulators and live training exercises. Real life tankers are taught lots of land navigation, how to travel covertly, hull down battle positions, formations, convoy maneuvers, and most importantly teamwork. Teamwork does not exist in random battles unless you are platooned. Randoms are full of disorganized grab-ass civilians that do not understand that "Teamwork is Life" in combat. Assuming you are the only platoon in the match, you and your team mates need to be capable of killing at least 5 enemy tanks each match in order to compensate for the lack of teamwork from others. WoT is not a simulator, I get that. But most of the maps really lack places to hull down and not get raped by artillery fire. There is literally no open-field play. If you are attempting to engage an enemy team on an open field with modern day tank tactics, you'll lose your ass at this game. I've done a fair bit of exploring the maps and every time I find a spot that my training instinctively tells me would be an ideal position, there will be nothing to shoot at, or if there is a possibility of gaining height or visual range superiority there is some bit of indestructible cover preventing me from making use of the advantageous position. Matches are literally all about hiding behind those 2-3 "good spots" at the beginning of the game, and then mopping up the remnants after all the lemmings have "yolo'ed" into the meat grinder. In some cases even hiding behind hard cover doesn't matter, simply because everyone that plays arty or TD's past T5 learns those handful of spots "everyone" goes to and starts splashing damage or hammering you to pieces from outside your view range. Which is good on them because they're the better player, but it's not blatantly obvious to the random John Smith playing tanks for the first time. Even though I know quite a bit about both modern and historical tanks; nothing from my real world experience, except for hull down combat training, has any relation or bearing on this arcade game. I would say that my real world experience is actually a detriment because I'm fighting learned behavior that would keep me and my crew alive in a real world combat situation. Real sabot rounds (APCR) are hilariously devastating, and it's one-shot one-kill. 120mm DU Sabot will go through a modern tank like shit through a goose. Sabot also has a nasty reputation of taking humans who were once inside the tank, shredding them with red hot steel, and sucking the liquified remains outside the tank through a little 2 inch hole. Spraying them, more or less, evenly across 200 meters in a neat 30 degree cone. The one persistent thing that makes no sense to me, shooting the cupola of a tank in real life is effectively useless, you tear the hatch off, cause some spalling, but the enemy tank will most likely still be able to kill you back. Repeatedly shooting it does even less, eventually there is nothing left to shoot, and the tank is still murderously functional. Shooting the cupola is not a kill shot. Ammo rack, engine compartment, pretty much anything between the drive sprocket and idler wheel, or turret ring. That's what you shoot at. From 1000+ meters preferably. Gun accuracy? Pretty much all tank cannons were dead nuts accurate at 100 meters. The wild shot mechanics when engaging a tank at 100 meters in WoT is utter trash and totally unbelievable even in an early historic context. Hitting exactly where you want at 100 or 200 meters shouldn't even be a question with any tank mounting a manually fed cannon. Hitting a target the size of a tin can at 100 meters is basic skill for an infantryman firing a .30 caliber rifle from an unsupported standing position with iron sights. The aim bloom common to infantry FPS games is just ridiculously poor game design in a game where the weapon is a cannon mounted on multiple tons of steel deliberately designed to stabilize said weapon. It's only purpose is to make the game more diffucult for the newbie, because the senior players have skilled crews and equipment that negate the worst of the horrid accuracy mechanics. But enough of me ranting about shit I can't change. It's an arcade game about tanks. And arcade games are intended to do one thing. Suck money out of your pocket. Back in the early 90's that was obvious. I dumped my share of quarters into the MK3 machines at the local arcade. Back then we had our pinball wizards who would sit and play for hours off a few bucks in change. Same thing here, we have our Purple Tank Wizards and one thing common to all of them is the realization that the only thing they are really competing against is their own performance, hence the focus on raw statistics, and the constant self-criticism. Because they are hard on themselves, that's the drive that makes them good. "Oh I'm shit because I didn't pull 4500 WN8 every game last night and I lost one game because I didn't turn my tank 1 degree to the right to get that performance was utter garbage.". I've noticed that the really good guys don't say things like "I'm shit because I had one bad game", they say "my performance last night was bad/off/underpar". I've found that internal mental dialogue is very important to my own performance, professionally and recreationally. For example telling yourself "I am bad" versus "My focus is in the shitter, I need to concentrate." allows you to maintain perspective and perform under pressure. It's that ability to perform under pressure that stratifies players. The difference here is that one person (better than 90% of the playerbase) criticizes himself by attacking his own ego destroying it and his confidence at the same time. This leads to a precipitous falloff in performance after that "one bad game". The other player. The 99.99% Demigod of Pixel Tanks attacks his performance, not his ego, maintains his confidence in his ability and is able to further refine his skill. For the rest of us, what comes intuitively to a unicum is something that needs to be actively trained, practiced, and applied like any other learned skill. For those that say. "It's just common sense, if you did XYZ, or played ABC, et cetera... you wouldn't be such a shitter.". The game isn't that transparent, it's actually quite opaque and obtuse. Deliberately so. It's designed to suck money out of the pockets of chumps. (Because gold tanks are better than regular tanks right? Right??) This person has developed a personality that doesn't sympathize well with others and fails to recognize or acknowledge that they too, were new to the game. These kinds of people make very poor mentors because they are more concerned with fitting in with the "elite" than genuinely providing assistance to those looking to get better. It's more about humiliating the ignorant newbie. The newbie is just looking to get rid of their unwanted ignorance. Much like the real military there are plenty of malignant egoists more concerned with pulling rank, power tripping, and hazing the newly enlisted with shitfuck mindgames than providing them with practical skills to keep themselves alive in combat. This forum is no different. It's just a matter of tuning out the drivel and focusing on what's practical and relevant.
  4. Thanks for the warm welcomes all. I'm terrible, but improving gradually. Looking at my played tanks, I only have a handful I need to correct with win rates. I may grind them up to 50%, leave them so they are no longer dragging me down overall. Right now I'm working on getting at least one kill per match, and do at least my own HP in damage.
  5. I don't want to be a tomato. I no longer want to exist to pad the stats of players barely better than me. That's why I'm here. I go by Incindir. aka "Mouse". I followed a couple of my friends over to WoT from Eve Online, who decided to start playing with tanks. I used to be a tank crewman in previous career path, and I miss my Abrams dearly. I tried this game out several years ago. WoT was a very different creature then. Having picked it up again with friends to platoon with, I am enjoying it much more. Tragically, I have a dread fascination with fascist box tanks. I did not realize just how noob unfriendly they are, or how to even play them correctly (because I am an ignorant chode), I totally fucked my stats in the process. I've got a ton of tanks in my roster that have sub 45% win rates because I spammed them through matches to grind up to the "better" tanks. I'm in a "meh" clan. I only joined because that's where my friends from Eve-O ended up. I'm looking around to find a clan that trains people to improve their gameplay. I can't stand playing artillery. I have been grinding out the German Medium and Heavy lines largely solo, while taking the time to train up crews along the way. I've got three German crews with the first set of skills, working on the second set. I've been playing the VK 36.01, with very mixed results using both the 88 and the 75 Waffe. Just opened up the Tiger I, and will soon start on the VK 30.02 P to start grinding towards the Tiger P. I use a T-25, T14, and Excelsior to feed my consumables usage. I don't have a very good win rate in them, but they exist largely to make me money. I've kept my Luchs and Leopard around just because I find fast tanks fun to play as a break from the frustrations of playing the VK 36.01 deathtrap. In an attempt to hide my Nazi Shame, I've started working on the Russian KV line, and American Heavies as a filler for when I get sick of German tanks. I've perused most of the newbie guides already, and have been putting the advice to use. The most helpful so far has been Okeanu & Rexxie's guide on where NOT to go. I'm still working out which tanks to avoid, because I'm somewhat invested in playing German tanks that I may as well take it to the end before dedicating myself to another nation. I read these forums daily when I really should be doing something productive at work. My job bores me so I attempt to absorb knowledge about internet pixel tanks so I can stop sucking so bad and start making better tactical decisions. Hopefully over the next couple of weeks I'll stop being so goddamned awful that I may actually post in other threads without embarrassment over being more red than Heinz ketchup.