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  1. It isn't the elevation that bothers me. 2 things make this thing hard to play for me.. 1 is it horrible camo but this is mostly my own problem. i just don't have the patience for this kind of tanks. and tend to get forward to early getting spotted before i see anything. (also the reason my highest non-prem tier td is a jagdpz 4. ) 2 is the atrocious gun handling. Might be selective memory buy mannnnn this aimtime is horrible and even if you wait 4 sec before shooting your shells are going al over the place. The 50-100 felt way more comfortable in this perspective. I have no ideas
  2. isn't your 3rd gear kinda like an automatic? in yurop an automatic really is a no-go if you're below 60 years of age. and above that you shouldn't be driving anymore anyway.
  3. The rijksmuseum in amsterdam just finished a 10 year long renovation and should be one of the best around now featuring a lot of old masters. And as you're starting in the netherlands anyway it might be worth your consideration
  4. Would it be a problem to update the tank tables as some tanks got split up and the su-85i added to the game? or wouldn't that be necessary?
  5. Got ammaracked for full health in my st-i yesterday. By an e3. Still no complaining?
  6. So i came by this article on wikipedia. Turns out those tomatoes being zo bad actually isn't there fault! There actually been studies to why people can't acknowledge why they are so bad and why this prohibits them from getting better. But we can actually use this article to our advantage as it will make an excellent tool in yet another stupid discussion on why stats don't matter and some random tomato starts yelling he can take on anyone one by one. I present to you: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunning%E2%80%93Kruger_effect
  7. tbh. small sample size. Yesterday evening i went no live and played 20 games in a row. got me almost 3900 wn8 does that mean i can maintain that level? no. Maintain the same stats for about 500/1000 game before you make any conclusions.
  8. Thats because it is the most important factor in winning games as preator explains here:
  9. Do you haven any more of those juicy AUC numbers? i'd love to see how precise certain combinations and individual variables are.
  10. kinda been out of it lately so a couple of quick questions: Is there a website that shows your account(maybe recent) rstats? so you know where your strenths/weaknesses are and where you have to improve? Also I was under the assumption that you have to perform about 1.5 times the expected tank stats to get a 2300 wn8. is this still true?
  11. perpixel

    Dog thread

    Here's mine he's about 10 now. The picture is a year or 2 old so he looks a bit older now. He's really one of those gentle giants
  12. first language - (Linguistics) a person's native language (not english, a message would have been sufficient.)
  13. So we got reds - tomatoes, orange - oranges etc. Everyone got there favorite fruit to describe different colors. The only one thing thats pretty constant is calling reds "tomatoes". Well guess what? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2546276/PURPLE-tomato-juice-genetically-modified-fruit-engineered-health-benefits.html This kind of upsets met should i be aiming to become a tomato now?
  14. 8k battles in 60 days. require 11 hours a day every day of non-stop tanking. given an average battle time of 5 minutes.
  15. perpixel

    Holy BTC

    Nope no bitcoins i did invest in some fruit company some years ago. Never gotten around to check if those are worth something now. should check it out. If i could just remember the name. I believe it was pear or apple or something.
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