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  1. It has been fixed if I'm not mistaken.
  2. Might not be as good as you but if you don't mind hyper aggressive play, send me an invite. We can play whatever tier you want too, I just wanna have fun.
  3. You seems to be an easy going person! Therefore, if you like to laugh a lot and feel like you'd like to up your gameplay & playstyle by a few notch add me. I play hyper aggressive meta. If this is something you'd like to work on, then lets kill some pubbies.
  4. You forgot one thing, he's playing NA. There's a distinction to make here. There's rarely any unicums who have time to pad at low tier in NA, especially since your avrg DPG will look like sh*t and clans will know what you did. Usually it is done at tier 9 & 10 instead, enhance the reason why he posted this thread for the general opinion of players. Btw.. I don't really understand why you mentioned ''not playing half your game in platoons".... I do easily 70%+ in solo pubs tier 7 to 10. There's no excuse for not carrying a team.
  5. I kind of have mixed feelings with what you're explaining friend. Case scenario 1 : Unicum status with 60% WR+ .... Proceed as you've clearly stated (1 to 10, but exclude 7.) Case scenario 2 : Unicum status with less than 60% WR .... Don't even bother, he's not as relevant as people would think since even with unicum status he's still unable to get past 60% WR. This is not absolute, there's dark horse everywhere of course but that's a strong indicator of a player that doesn't pull his weight as much as he should of. In all honesty, I'd really like to platoon with you once in a while.
  6. I think he should work on a french accent, might be more credible.. when trying to impersonate me. Thanks for the info Shifty, I was originally more interested toward making a fresh new account in EU while keeping a hand on NA. It's a shame account transfers are still disabled in 2015...
  7. Thank Fixer, much appreciated! Ahah I know what you mean I might not have expressed myself clearly enough, I was looking for something oriented toward WGLEU. In NA, there's a clan that fit that role perfectly called SIMP. I will edit it in topic for clarification.
  8. Ohai! I'm moving from Canada to UK in less than a week. Speak french and english. Even if you post here I might not be able to view it until the next 3 weeks depending on how long it'll take me to regain internet over there. I highly recommend you to send me a private message if interested. Current status : Lets just make it clear, I do play for over 4000 recent with over 70% at all time no matter which server I'm playing on. I'll probably have to recreate a new account in EU depending on the ping difference from NA and EU, I'd rather play both servers at the same time which mean that instead of buying an account on EU, I'd prefer to start fresh unless the NA ping is too big, then I'll import the account from NA over EU. Does it make sense? I do hope so ahah. Edit : I'll add a couple replays in 3 weeks. What I am looking for : -I'm looking for a clan focused on clan wars and tournaments(Edit::little clarification here¬ I was speaking toward a WGLEU orientation. I was simply posting my preferences as a clan environment sorry.. because I do like to speak about WGLNA-EU-RU a lot). -A no drama environment. -I tend to be very friendly, I don't really mind a low skill player base clan. As long as everyone is having fun it should be fine. -Must have 85+ players in the clan. -I will grind the full french Heavy-Med-Arty line all the way to tier 10 as first tier 6-8-10's as a starter then proceed with the most needed tanks for the clan. My abilities : I'll be really quick here. I'm a clutch player, if it has to be done, it will be done. Greetings ¬FoV
  9. Any idea if we have some players from other servers in PINGU?
  10. Work specifically on positioning yourself in favorable spot for you to take on multiple target at once. It will force you to play better since you'll have to multitask your awareness of the situations you're in. Start with relatively easy 1v2, then up the challenge until you'll be successfully able to carry and control a whole flank all by yourself. Good luck!
  11. Thanks for the responses so far, I've platooned with a couple here and there. ~Still looking for a couple more spots in friend list for platoons buddies!
  12. I'm looking for skilled & experienced players that doesn't take the game too seriously. I'll be grinding a couple lines and testing a few tanks. My friend list is quite small so posting this request on the forum sounds like a viable option. I'd like to focus on : -- Tier 8 -- Tier 9 -- Tier 10 I may stream a couple hours here and there too.
  13. I play couple times a week, usually a night on East server. PM me whenever you feel like learning a couple tricks.
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