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  1. OK, so I picked one of these up to train my 13-105 crew. Enjoy the 105, but not sure how this one works. The bundle came with optics, vents, and a net. I put on stabs instead of a net, does that sound about right? I see on vb that GLD is one of the main choices, but wasn't that from before stabs were available? I'm wondering about putting the net on and get a cloaking device out of this, but that seems a bit passive. edit: coffee instead of fire? Having fun with it so far, good win rate but mixed results.
  2. I have been running derp with VStab, Rammer, eGLD, which I'd call a DPM handles setup, but I'm now trying more of a max handling setup: VStab, Vents, eGLD. I feel the eGLD makes the handling that much better IMO, though I hate doing without vents. Over on Reddit I saw a number of people talking about no Rammer since it takes so long to fire anyway. Not sure I buy that, as that extra 2 seconds does add up, but I thought I'd give it a shot. No optics since I don't feel I'm properly scouting with this thing anyway, and don't want to take too many of those long range shots. Besides to use optics I have to give up something else. Any views on this setup? I just love derping around with this thing. Got chat turned off so I don't hear anyone crying about me, but I do a fair amount of scouting when I get the chance.
  3. If I'm tier 8, I know I'll only be facing 3 tier X's max. I can deal with that. I can also deal with 5 tier 9's. I can't deal with being the ONLY tier 8 in a tier X match. Yes, that is not usual, but it and other variations did happen on occasions. Bottom line, I'm OK being bottom tier as long as I can do something against most other tanks in the match. In the old days, it was very possible for top tier to be the overwhelming majority.
  4. swyck


    It's not getting lucky, it's playing the map. If you can take hill, then you should do it. It's the key to that side, and influences the middle. Going hill really depends on enemy team composition. If they have 3 bats, and a 140 I'll pass. If we do too they won't need my LT on hill. Otherwise I like to poke the ridges looking for spots and quick shots, and look for an opportunity to move mid game.
  5. I like it, and so do a lot of people. IMO it's a lot better than what we used to have. At tier IX I have no issue with any of the MM - one, two, or three level. Even at tier 8, where I'm rarely top tier, I'm fine as long as I have confidence in my tank. The main issue is with tanks that can't do anything at all unless they're top tier. I don't get the arguments against it, and I'm not hearing any viable alternatives.
  6. Would like to run BatChats. Did fine with the tier 9 BC 25 t AP, but not so much with the tier X. Love the tanks though.
  7. Yeah I need to look at that mini map a little closer. Also, only go 1 line with a faster MT, e.g. Cromwell or Mutz. I've been trying to get there with KR or T-54 mod.
  8. Issue I have with this, is that some good map locations can only be reached first by an aggressive push. For example the doughnut on Cliffs. A great location for an MT, I love to race into that spot. You can give people on the central ridge or the hill a lot of problems, as well as support the one line. But I find the only way to get there first is to just go balls out at the start. By the time I realize I'm going to be alone there, with no support for the multi reds, I'm already committed. I watch the mini map while going, but it's not always obvious that the MT's behind me are going to put on the brakes at the corner. I generally take the one line to get there ASAP. Maybe from the middle is better? A bit slower to the spot, and can still take shots crossing over the middle. So, is it better to always take the slower path, gaining some flexibility but sacrificing some speed?
  9. Just got my second mark on the VK 30.01P, and like the play style, but then I also liked the VK 36.01. It can do very well with the 88. Decent mobility, gun depression of 8 degrees isn't bad, reasonable accuracy if you wait for it, and can bounce same and lower tiers. Top tier it can bully, middle tier it's fine, but bottom tier it can have problems. Flank and spam gold, but even then it's iffy. I have finished on the top of the board as bottom tier so it is doable. IMO it's one of the better (not best) tier 6 mediums. Have not moved up the line, heard bad things about Tiger P, so don't know.
  10. OK, I'm at the t-25 right now and wanted to look into the T-34/100. The consensus seems to be meh, but the stats I'm seeing at vbaddict do not say meh. Top win rate for mediums at tier VII. Second in damage and WN8 to T23E3 - which is a fairly rare tank so I'd put it #1 for main stream mediums. All these numbers are significantly better than other tier VII mediums. IMO can't ignore the stats for feels, so what does this mean? Is this tank actually not as bad as people are making it out to be? Or is it just that top players are more likely to have ground up this line first, and they can make anything work?
  11. Came here to find some advice on the ARL, but have found only tears. It doesn't seem like anyone other than me likes it. But then the BDR is my top WN8 tank so what do I know. Similarity between the ARL and BDR for me is that I was going to sell those pieces of trash after 10 games, then started doing well with them. Sitting back second line, bullying lower or same tiers when needed late game. Did fine with the 90F3. I am also doing fine with 90DCA, but was considering going back down to the F3 for the better everything. But dat pen. Sure you don't need it at tier VI, but is useful when bottom tier. Had not considered actually using the 105 and I'm surprised that it seems to be the gun of choice here. Less pen, less accuracy, bad gun handling, lower ROF. I guess I should try it for that alpha. However, am I just seeing advice here from people who hate this tank, don't care, and are not really taking the time to evaluate it? Anyone here actually like it?
  12. Don't think it's so bad, but I've only played it a few times. Went castle in my heavy last game. DAE think west instead of east for heavies now? In encounter, you get a close shot into the cap and hill.
  13. Lets look at top 10 win rate by tiers 5-X, non-premium tanks using vbaddict. Not counting lights because scouts, nor SPG because arty. Tier 5: 1 HT, 2 MT, 4 TDTier 6: 2 HT, 3 MT, 3 TDTier 7: 1 HT, 3 MT, 2 TDTier 8: 2 HT, 4 MT, 1 TDTier 9: 1 HT, 6 MT, 2 TDTier X: 2 HT, 5 MT, 2 TDGame is about winning, yet I don't see HT dominating the win rates at any level. Does look like MT's are more represented the higher you go. Sure this is a bit simplistic (maybe a lot) but IMO calling MT's below Tier X garbage is going a bit far. Could it be just noobness of a lot of HT players in mid tiers? Using XVM as a guide, I've noticed that in many cases it seems like the better players are not playing HTs.
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