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  1. Type 59: 15 WZ-111: 19 -3 =16 because no tank trolls me more than this mediocre pos112: 22T-34-3: 12 FCM 50 t: 19 M4A1 Rev.: 29AMX M4 49 (Liberté): 23 leKpz M41 90mm: 21Skorpion G: 24Panther 88: 17 Löwe: 31 Pz. 58 Mutz (Black): 21STA-2: 25 M46 KR: 21T26E5 (Patriot): 26 +1 = 27 a medium with heavy armor and hit points? yes please.IS6 (Black): 4KV-5: 22T-44-100: 16T34: 11T26E4: 20 IS-3A: 20 IS-5: 20
  2. I actually had a game just last night where i recklessly experimented with a new position to try to get clean up damage in a 5 v 1 situation. I died, and don't you know 3 of the remaining 4 managed to die as well. Last minute arty shotgun ftw. It was pretty sad to watch, honestly.
  3. I don't live in faster tanks because I die getting clean up damage. I'm ok with it.
  4. Do you mean the lights or the heavies? Higher tier heavies will commonly load in time to hit meds running to the hill on Mines.
  5. The 215b is not all that bad these days from what I see. I suppose if rear mounted turrets give you a hard time, it's bad, but the DPM and accuracy are high and the armor is useful. The 113 is MUCH better now. Czech tanks are more bat chat than anything else. Swedish tanks have much armor, but only at the right angles. Maps are all corridor, and arty supposedly got worse, but it's remarkably easy to shoot giant bombs down a corridor and make it work. E5 tumor is bouncy now (but only for a little bit longer). Scouts are no longer fun due to aforementioned corrido
  6. I thought arty was meant to be a "skill bridge" weapon, much like a rocket launcher in a normal FPS. The stupidest idiot can kill the purples, but it's not actually a great way to win games.
  7. You can play the scout line can't you? I did.
  8. I'm guessing the last one didn't make it based on the fact that old dudes with boners might be funny?
  9. I would like to shame WGNA for spending 2.5 million dollars per retarded Super Bowl add this year. (That was just the cost of airing it, not including the filming costs) Is there no better way to spend that money than making those who play the game all look like window lickers that like to run things over for jollies? Was their target demographic actually idiots? A game based on finesse and 3-D thinking is advertised as "LOL RUN THANGZ OVAR!" and next week I get 5 CDC drivers on my team with 1k games between them all who don't understand why they never seem to bounce a shot and enemies are inv
  10. I usually tend to platoon with blues if I can, just because I like to try to learn a little and improve. I've found that the fake blues (very cautious WN8 padders) are frustrating to play with, and I learn only that if I camp and sacrifice my team mates I can have shiny numbers. Fake purples are equally useless for my process. If people can't appreciate aggressive risk and react to it, there is no point in trying to platoon imo. Pubs red line snipe. I need a team mate who can actually help lock down key positions for a win (east side in Cliff as a prime example). I still -can- platoon wit
  11. I'm pretty sure there is a bell curve, and we do obey it, just that it's not exactly as cut-and-dry as every match being 50% green players. For the sake of example, let's say a blue player has 30k games, and a yellow has 10k. Effectively, you see the "rare" blue player 3 times as much. Hopefully, you understand the idea here, which is that many of the very good players play very often, and many of the very bad players play intermittently. I would wager that most game servers are seeing this trend with everyone on vacation, but stats are so very visible here.
  12. I also won't deny that there is an XVM effect, but I still have to believe that's secondary. An arty player that's anywhere above brain dead pre-aims their shot at the beginning of every match. I wonder how many purple players use "enemies spotted" to boost their WN8, meaning they are one of the first players spotted, meaning the pre aimed shot is going to them. Or how many purple players aggressively take early map control locations... where the arty is pre-aimed. And once you jumble up there, why would arty move his gun and suffer bloom as big as the map instead of just wait 3 more seconds
  13. These people are like the girls that peaked in high school. Smile, wave, take some crap, be their third husband's boss in 10 years.
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