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  1. Hi I have been searching the forum and cant find a place where to report bugs? How do I report a bug? Thanks
  2. Again where did I demand anything? I asked a question and was in good will. If wn stopped his amazing contribution, then fair enough I would accept that and carry on. I am not asking people to do more work or work faster, I am asking a simple question as I have a website which uses wn8 and wanted to make sure that either the person/persons are ok or if its related to wn9. Again I can understand if people are pissed about the number of topics. But my question could have been answer by simply saying it is still in development just delayed or such and such is ill or busy with exams etc etc. I was not asking for it to be updated or demanding anything! Exactly what a lot of newbies are feeling. I waited for months and multiple patches to come to here and ask a simply honest question because of being belittled like an idiot on display. Manors cost nothing in life and I personally try and treat people the way I would expect people to treat me!
  3. I wanted to know about what is happening because its never been so long since a last update to values. If its because the person who gathers the implementation is unwell then I wish that person is not going through anything life threatening. If it was because of the wn9 which is looming round the corner, then I need to start to think about updating my website. I was only intrigued because I have been asking around the war gaming community for a while, and hesitated here because of snide comments all the time from members. But with little luck I decided and wrongly by the looks of it, to ask here. I can understand people getting pissed of the same topic over and over again. But try using a sticky and not closing and putting every thread to garbage. People come here to get information from people who are in the know how, but one thing I have noticed a lot on here is people attacking others who ask simple questions. I have not come here because of a patch, I have come here because its been months and multiple patches, and I wanted to know if I need to update my website for wn9 to be honest as I know that this has been in development for a while and must be somewhat close for launch.
  4. Hi guys, does anyone know when the expected values is going to be updated? Its been a very long time. I only ask because my website is giving hugely wrong values because of this. Is the lack of updates related to the WN9 which is coming soon or is the chap who develops it unwell. I hope its not the latter. Thanks
  5. Hi what is the maximum number of tank ID's are you allowed to ask at any one time for https://api.worldoftanks.eu/wot/tanks/stats/ ? It works with small accounts with only 30 tanks in the garage but as soon as you get a large account which has 200 tanks in the garage it comes back with exceeding request. Thanks
  6. Hi fellow wotlabs users. I have been developing a plugin on my website which shows the wn8 of myself and my tanks. (Not finished yet) Anyway I have the per tank calculations perfectly implemented but as soon as I do an overall it gives me higher values than this website gives me. My formula is simple. Tank WN8 * Tank Battles I do this for each tank and add them all together which gives me a total of 1491842 as of today. now divide that by the total number of games I have played and that is 3711 and not the 3592 which it should be. I have also sat down with a calculator and from my profile on wotlabs calculated each tank wn8 * tank battles and do this for all tanks I have played and it works out as 1491842 which is the same result from within my plugin. So I am assuming that overall is not: Tank WN8 * Tank Battles for each tank and add them together, then divide by total number of games. $overalbattles = 402; $overallWn8 += ($wn8 * $tankbattles); $actualWn8 = ($overallWn8 / $overalbattles); Can anyone shed some light on what I am doing wrong. As said at first, individual tanks wn8 are perfect, they are showing the correct wn8, its just the overall. Thanks
  7. Thanks, now thinking about it, I agree with you lol
  8. Hi, and sorry we got off on the wrong foot, hopefully that horrible first impression will go lol Thanks
  9. hi guys, I've already stifled a few chaps with a mis thread which I apologies for... I really am a nice guy who doesn't whinge a lot I promise lol... Anyway I've been playing wot for a couple of years, until about 7-8 months I did not even know about wn8 or anything you good guys have help to create until I joined a clan. Then I noticed I was a tomato Anyway I thought I would introduce myself and hopefully contribute to this forum a little
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