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  1. tfw when they gonna buff tanks expected, that were really meh before buffs (E5), stats in "CW" counted into your account stats (yeah batchat /E5 i'm looking to you) and you were in a "fun" clan, losing CW 2 - 15 like all the time without doing dommage. Seems legit to me
  2. ÆØÅ, you see a sort of A a sort of O and a sort of A again, and you spell it A E O .... Yeah those guys are fucking logical ...
  3. GG it's nice to see you get the tank you wanted, next time you'll be in the top clans if you keep that activity.
  4. Why not ? P.S: Wow fml i just saw that it was Fireflydivision that locked down the thread
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