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  1. tfw when they gonna buff tanks expected, that were really meh before buffs (E5), stats in "CW" counted into your account stats (yeah batchat /E5 i'm looking to you) and you were in a "fun" clan, losing CW 2 - 15 like all the time without doing dommage. Seems legit to me
  2. ÆØÅ, you see a sort of A a sort of O and a sort of A again, and you spell it A E O .... Yeah those guys are fucking logical ...
  3. MartinNL you'r my hero


  4. GG it's nice to see you get the tank you wanted, next time you'll be in the top clans if you keep that activity.
  5. Why not ? P.S: Wow fml i just saw that it was Fireflydivision that locked down the thread
  6. Well now its a clear statement. Tbf i had autoaim+ and session stats till 9.16 were i was getting rid of all mods. Didn't really felt like cheating, but i don't really miss it, so not a real problem.
  7. This mod is illegal now ? ( is this the mod that let you lock tanks right clicking not directly into them / behing objects ? )
  8.  That moment when you are trying to get 4K dmg / 10 shots to get Urgent orders, bulldog scoot was doing great, your shells going in the targets, everything is fine, 2K2 already early on ! And a wild GWE from MY team OS me "stop camping asshole" he told me ... :cri:hfULRJ4.jpg

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    2. Sergeant_Fgt


      will happen more often the higher ur overalls r

      get used to it :feelsbad: 

    3. FullGore


      The bulldog end with more than 3K spoting cause he was doing a great job, i was sniping his tanks, all was going good, then ARTY prevent me from camping on my own side :feelsbad:.

      Tbh i still got botlike overall stats, but i'm starting to get some idiot pm after games calling me by alot of dank names for being cheater/aimbot/etc .... I really don't get how is it possible for xvm exposed players to play without being annoyed by the bots.

    4. WhatTheSkara


      Get a 50b and use a few APCR..

      And fuck xvm 

  9. its ok : frenchy : (baguette/dildoshaker) was the best one
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