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  1. seems like I'll need to really switch up my playstyle then -- my 'default' playstyle revolves heavily around being able to take hits.
  2. Any tips on how to better leverage the armor? Lower plate hidden but T-10 simply punches straight through UFP feelsbadman
  3. I believe the best way to improve wr is to play heavies. Not any paper support heavy, but an actual heavy. Get stuck in, bounce shots, leverage you armor and hitpoints. I've noticed that the outcome of the main engagement in a game is usually determined by the performance of one or two key tanks in that fight--usually the top tier heavy. And winning the key engagement often snowballs into winning the game.
  4. ayyyyy im alive again! my exams are finally over. 50 pages of backlog? fuck no, not going through that.
  5. Im wondering where i shouls put my next lady crew…i'm thinking RU hoverwedges or lights.
  6. speaking of apcr, my 112 got punched right through the gun by a borsig apcr shot. Is that cos the 112 has an armor hole in the gun (à la JP2) or just because apcr best ammo?
  7. yeah, it's the heavy's 'I am credit to team' line. Or is it 'Engineer is credit to team' said around friendly dispensers? It's been so long since I played, I don't even remember.
  8. well finally i can play my 132 and still be credit to team! bonus points if you get the reference.
  9. which is why i want one as I sold my LTP back then… It's just 20k xp, should get it anyway while doing my daily HT#6 missions.
  10. no idea, i never ran into those problems (top bar maybe once or twice), but it's been a while since i played mine. what angle are you sidescraping at? kek, its only got like 20 people in it #exclusiveclub
  11. front is 152 flat, so not a suprise. frontal armor was never the strength of that tank.
  12. are we playing the same tank here? the turret is 250+ effective apart from the tiny viewport and the bottom corners, sidescrape is practically immune to anything (multiple steel walls against tier 9's, kek) and it bounces 75% of 175mm pen shots even when caught in the open. or, at least, that's how it was when i played it pre-HD… maybe it got massively nerfed in the HD remodelling. but yes, the gun is crap and tigers and T29s will butter your front hull if you let them shoot you there.
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