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    dead EU accounts

    anyone not using their EU account (preferably with t10 tanks) and wanna toss it my way?
  2. Haarmless

    WoT Client FPS cap

    I'm trying to find a way to remove the FPS cap that's on the WoT client because my system can easily run the game at over 200fps and because I have a 144hz monitor I think it would be a noticeable difference. As it stands (AFAIK) the client caps at 120fps. I dug around and found that you might be able to change/remove this cap via the "engine_config.XML" file located is the "RES" folder, however I have no idea how to edit this file because I'm a noob (asked a few people how to edit this file and turns out it's encrypted)... Has anyone been able to remove this crappy FPS cap or is there another way to remove it? also didn't know where to post this so dropped it in newcomers category...started a reddit thread on the same topic aswell https://www.reddit.c...client_fps_cap/ Edit: found these "instructions" https://pastehistory...te/yvpGS7DJQnq6 unfortunately this says you should have 2 "engine_config.xml" files for some reason one encrypted and 1 not, I only have 1 in my directory
  3. 113 has 500 more DPM, 150 more HP, better gun handling, and doesn't get auto penned by HEAT like the IS7 does
  4. dude 113 is so much better than the is7 (type 5 is bad tonk tho)
  5. cause the is7 is literally the worst heavy at t10
  6. Haarmless


  7. as the title says, I'm looking for a team and will be able to attend every battle
  8. I mean it all comes down to tiny micro aspects of your game such as missing that 1 shot that you should have spent half a second longer aiming, or taking that one 390dmg shell when you poked a little too aggressively, or the flex you should have pulled off just 10 seconds sooner. In the grand scheme of things it does come down to consistency, but in order to push yourself the extra 500dmg/game you just have to improve on little things like I mentioned above. And TBH 4k is HUGE even if you look through the recents wn8 of most top clans most people can't manage to pull 4k without padding lights/ low tiers.
  9. Haarmless

    How to raise Stats?

    A big part of pulling massive games and generally improving your stats is about positioning and map awareness, and keeping you gun active and in the fight without bleeding too much HP. in your case from what you're saying you need to try to read the fight better and keep your gun in there without just flat out driving in there and dying
  10. Haarmless

    Forming Weekday Warfare 49

    sign me up
  11. This is literally the most annoying kind of mod in WoT. Nobody on the team really cares if you accidentally shot the guy who decided to peek the corner infront of you...My other favorite one is the one that alerts the entire team every time you get spotted, dumbest idea ever.
  12. The guns on these behemoths better be worth getting, otherwise I see no point to go down this line.
  13. Haarmless

    How would you improve World of Tanks?

    This pretty much summarizes what needs to happen in order to make WoT a good game again. I fullheartedly agree with every point made in this post. Minor improvements: -more crew skills (I really don't think this would be that hard to implement) -more camos (^^^)
  14. Haarmless

    Tanks we hold dear to our hearts.

    I'd have to say T34-85, must have played over 300 games in that tank when I started out. It's just the best t6 med period.
  15. It was a "loose" estimation some people manage to get unicum on the first account after 5k games, and sometimes it takes upwards of 30k games to get to that point.
  16. Yeah.....but you're special
  17. First 5k~ battle for me was just having fun, trying to get the tanks that I thought at the time were the "best" and seemed fun to play while not really focusing on stats at all. After 5k games (I would have been around 1k wn8 at this point due to having played FPS games before and understanding basic FPS concepts) I started looking for clans which I realized most had certain requirements. At this point I really started improving my game and trying to understand the meta and this like aiming for weakspots and spotting mechanics etc. Now at 12k games I'm at 2270wn8. But to awnser your question I think for the average player it will take 20k+ games to achieve unicum status and only people who learned the game extremely fast will have gotten to unicum before 20k. ^I'm assume we're talking strictly about overall and not recent stats TL'DR: takes average player 20k+ games to get unicum.
  18. Haarmless

    Just a rant about TD's

    so...I never play TD's (small exception for missions) the reason for this being, from my point of view they have no role to play. some of you hardcore TD players might disagree "BUT WE HAVE THE BIGGEST GUNS NOOB" but think about it every other class has a role. Light tanks usually provide lights for your team allowing the rest of the team to snipe from safety. Mediums, the jack of all trades on the battlefield using their mobility to provide assistance to wherever it's needed. Heavy tanks, the armour on the field soaking up all the shots so that their team can dish out dmg. Hell even arty have a part to play rooting out all of the pesky campers. but I honestly don't see what role the TD's are supposed to play. -They have no view range -They have VERY slow traverse speed and overall mobility -huge reload times>low DPM -BIG TARGETS -most aren't turreted (so many disadvantages with this I can't even list them) 90% of players sit in the back of their base all going doing shit all. I had a game earlier on mines where I had 6 TD's in the back of the base. not one of them got over 1k dmg at t8. I understand that this is probably just due to bad players not knowing how to play their tanks properly but come on. needed to get that off my chest, feel free to agree of disagree below friends. PS: to all you ppl trying to get better at the game. DO NOT PLAY TD's (or arty for that matter)
  19. Looking for an experienced skirmish team for next weeks tourny. I can have any T5 tank needed for the tourny. Edit: found a team
  20. Haarmless

    Just a rant about TD's

    what I meant by that was that TD's don't really teach you how to play the game better. As a new player TD's are a pretty obsolete class in which you sit in the back and snipe in most cases. Whereas if a new player was playing a Med or heavy they'd learn maps, basic tactics, and weakspots and pretty much everything else at a much faster rate. I also absolutely agree with the people who are saying that TD's aren't the problem the players playing them are. The thing is that TD's promote such a passive play style that as somebody else mentioned just makes the class cancerous. Obviously in the right hands TD's can be just as devastating as meds or heavies but this is rarely the case
  21. Haarmless

    Just a rant about TD's

    Lol, spelling is hard, especially at 2am
  22. Haarmless

    Just a rant about TD's

    thanks for sharing but I don't hold your opinion very highly your stats tell me that you aren't a very skillful or insightful player, but sorry if my rant has offended you
  23. Haarmless

    Opinions on WOT by real tankers?

    This game has more of an "arcade'ish" type gameplay to it. It's definitely not a simulator type game. That being said though you should still give it a chnace