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  1. So like stats have been dead for a few days, just me or something never is working on?

  2. Hmmm... 

    WG actually replied....

    Hey skill, Hey everyone, this is definitely not intended behavior, or purposely created from our side. We will investigate this and it's reproducibility with our CS guys and update you asap! -thePhilX
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    2. Sapros


      Skill taking stat denial at a whole different level.

    3. 8_Hussars


      The Truth is out there...

      Credit to @Hellsfog for digging it out of Facebook.



      Hello Fellas,

      We have confirmed this lag aka shot delay issue was caused by a bug/incompatibility in the MoE Mod. We will release a video about this tomorrow, but unless you update your MoE mod to the newest version you are going to have a sort of shot delay everytime you meet Skill4LTU in battle, and maybe other person mentioned in the mod options.)

      I urge all of you to update your moe mod, or delete it until the modpack you use gets updated by it or you decide its safe to use. We made a critical communication mistake during our investigation when we wanted to test this issue without mods to make sure its not a clientside issue on the "laggers" side. Obviously the blame for this is on us.

      We apologize, but at least the issue is now "solved" that was affecting thousands if not tens of thousands of people. Wargaming and its servers had nothing to do with the issue, they were open and helpful all along about this issue.

      You can download the newest MoE mod from here:

      Once again we apologize and more about this from Skill tomorrow!




    4. Hellsfog


      @8_Hussars Actually Strig found it.  All hail Strig. 

  3. This is disgusting... 

    and Saonima is the real hero IMHO, still managed 6k dmg in a skorp G with this match up.

    1. Hellsfog


      Isn't a tier 10 heat spamming into tier 8 and 9 tanks the true measure of skill?  

    2. sohojacques


      Bobject brought his friend. 

  4. Teenager who's not a pilot has been charged with trying to steal an American Eagle passenger jet... he didn't think there was much more to flying than pushing buttons and pulling levers. 


    1. simba90


      Technicially he isn't wrong. The problem with this kind of natural selection is that it has the potential to take innocent people with it.

    2. Assassin7


      I mean the difficulty comes from which buttons and which levers you press and pull at which time.

    3. hiipanda


      Flying is the easy part. Landing is the hard part.

  5. Hmm says no data found for my player name, is something wrong with Wotlabs?

    1. simba90


      I saw a comment somewhere about the API being down?

    2. RealBattousai


      Ah that would make sense since it doesn't work on any of the stats sites. Thanks.

  6. Purchased: 'Object 430' successfully purchased. Spent credits:  6,100,000.

    Ready for the 430U :)

    1. SaintLaurentius


      Get ready to be disappointed, the tank doesnt seem worth to play.

    2. monjardin


      The Object 430U is probably better for perma-blues (like myself). The armor and alpha are more forgiving for solo-pubbing. It compares pretty favorably with the Object 260 more than the other RU mediums.

  7. Ok so a few days ago I got a popup in game that said I have a 30% discount on prem vehicles or something, now where the heck do I find this discount? I looked under 'My Coupons' and it says there's nothing there. Sorry for being dumb if there is some easy thing I'm missing here.

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    2. DHP
    3. NightmareMk9


      They are shit.  Only good on a couple items in the store.  I couldn't find a use for mine and it expired.

    4. RealBattousai


      ok thanks guys, guess that's what happened then it must have expired, I was logged in alright.

  8. So is there a way to tell if someone gifted you gold? I suddenly have 900 more gold than yesterday and I wasn't paying attention to message log in game so not sure where it came from, or was there some event going on oO?

    1. HowitzerBlitzer


      If someone gifts you anything, you have to accept it on WG's website. So unless you did that, it's not a gift and rather from an event or something.

    2. RealBattousai


      Well in that case that's cool, though no idea what event, I did win 200 gold from the tank rewards thing, but that was counted already. Anyway all good I was feeling bad that someone gifted it and I didn't know who to thank :) 

    3. Assassin7


      from an event. tankrewards or something, or clan wars gold payout if you're in a clan that does that

  9. Totally meant to do that :)


    1. simba90


      The ole tank trap cartwheel. Good times.

  10. Someone explain this... wtf is this, I'm afraid to click:



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    2. BadLuckCharm


      what in 5 hells.... i would be afraid to click as well.

    3. Folterknecht


      It boils down to a clash of cultures - europe (and that incl. ukraine/russia as opposed to turkey) is different from the US when it comes to sex, nudity and in some areas sense of humor. Problem is nobody told WG about that and avg Joe is blissfully unaware of most things that go on outside of US cable networks.

      For those of us with a little bit of a wider horizon it sure produces some comedy value. Though I think Trumps reaction to that and the reaction to his reaction  would be the most entertaining thing about "Stiffedra". :serb:


      We all had a good laugh here in europe watching you guys go bananas over "nippelgate". Never in recorded human history has a saggy boob created so much entertainment value.


    4. RealBattousai


      I'm all for sex, just don't want to see my grandpa and grandma going at it is all...

  11. Anyone want Crunchyroll 48 hour guest passes, I got three, msg me, first come first serve. Basically gives you prem access for 48 hours.

  12. MFW afk T10 gets two medals...


    1. Captain_Rex33


      good for him, doesn't even have to play the game to be better at using armor then me.

  13. I think I found the king of seal clubbers, name withheld to protect the guilty...


    1. _Dean_



    2. RealBattousai


      no its not him, unless he changed his name lol

  14. E100 best scout confirmed... 


  15. WG Anti-botting system must be working well...


    1. hallo1994


      Sadly he's not a bot.

  16. Best E100s NA...


  17. Wish I had the skill to make models like this guy...



    1. pillowdiver


      I was already amazed when he had painted the parts, but the real kicker was when he added wear and tear. Adding wear without looking fake is an underrated skill and is immensely difficult. Mad props.

    2. RealBattousai


      Yeah just unbelievable how realistic he made it look, to even the caked on mud in the tracks.

  18. Ok guys last few days I have been getting random freezes while playing, ping is fine but you get sudden 'red dot' and freeze then move, some times it gets really bad, no idea why this is happening. I have checked my machine everything seems fine. Tried to figure out where WoT is connecting and see if something was up there, and it seems I am connecting to a server in Australia (from Canada!?) is this legit, wtf is this???? Do I have the right server, I didn't see any other sessions from WoT on my firewall other than the login servers which were on the west coast. (I'm on US east).

    wot tracert.JPG

    1. Zinn


      Try Pingplotter to see where things go wrong. Red dot usually means packet loss of some sorts or other interruptions in the connection.

  19. Well better keep that BBQ smoke in your yard I guess... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fu8bODcFfAQ

  20. Good thing German authorities are catching these dangerous criminals, sounds like he was just about to go off on a rampage with his collection -.-  http://www.cp24.com/world/german-authorities-confiscate-nazi-tank-other-wwii-weapons-from-collector-1.2452115

    1. RealBattousai


      And media of course has to throw in 'Nazi tank' just to make sure you got he was a 'bad guy'

    2. GazT4R


      He sure sounds like public enemy number 1, I mean firing up that tank to help people and plough through the snow. Such a baddie.


  21. Got two Armored Warfare early access codes, first come first serve, PM please if you want. Thanks.

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    2. RealBattousai


      OK sent you PM with the code. 1 code left.

    3. Pyrofox


      Still available?

    4. RealBattousai


      sorry guys both gone. Thanks all who asked.

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