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  1. Someone explain this... wtf is this, I'm afraid to click:



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    2. BadLuckCharm


      what in 5 hells.... i would be afraid to click as well.

    3. Folterknecht


      It boils down to a clash of cultures - europe (and that incl. ukraine/russia as opposed to turkey) is different from the US when it comes to sex, nudity and in some areas sense of humor. Problem is nobody told WG about that and avg Joe is blissfully unaware of most things that go on outside of US cable networks.

      For those of us with a little bit of a wider horizon it sure produces some comedy value. Though I think Trumps reaction to that and the reaction to his reaction  would be the most entertaining thing about "Stiffedra". :serb:


      We all had a good laugh here in europe watching you guys go bananas over "nippelgate". Never in recorded human history has a saggy boob created so much entertainment value.


    4. RealBattousai


      I'm all for sex, just don't want to see my grandpa and grandma going at it is all...

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