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    CompeAnansi reacted to hazzgar in Object 268 version WTF were they thinking?   
    Sorry but it is YOU WHO IS MISSING THE POINT . Your suggestion to nerf mobility but still leave it with no weakspots is New WG school of balancing. I agree doing both may be too much but the idea to nerf mobility is stupid. Armor should be nerfed to not turn it into type5. If you keep the speed but nerf the lfp the tank will still work for green+ players but it won't be idiot proof and you won't be able to yolo drunk and bounce everything as long as people don't shoot gold (and even that sometimes bounces). This will mean the tank won't be useless but will require thinking. If it's slow and has no weakspots it's annoying to play against, idiot proof and not really strong even if you play well. Type5 with non derp that sacrifices a turret for pen. So still a stupid tank, even if not a good one.
    Also please don't use arguments "I don't have trouble with tank a therefore that tank is ok/balanced/not broken". We are not on the pub forums, this argument makes no sense. The Defender is clearly overperforming. Stats show that so I don't care if you can deal with them. The LFP also isn't trash. On flat ground same trier meds except centurion won't reliably pen it. Sorry but that is NOT trash. As for Chrystler - you go to it's side? The tank has amazing traverse so if you go to its side then it's not the tank being bad but the driver. Not to mention I was not talking about them being OP but them being a part of a trend of no weakspots. That's bad because it promotes flinging gold instead of actually knowing where to aim. So by wanting another tank to be like them you are supporting the shitty meta. Don't get me wrong I have nothing about gold spam and I don't complain about it but the no weakspot trend is plain dumb and I'm pretty sure most of wotlabs agrees it's bad for the game.
    Just make the LFP 220-240. Old obj263 somehow could hide it's LFP and no one claimed it was shit. It was a balnced TD. This would make it a similar tank to old 263 though with less acc and more armor. 
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    CompeAnansi reacted to kolni in E 50 Replays 4300DPG 69%WRT   
    still best t9 and most fun despite the forthcoming of 6-7 tanks more in your tiers that you cant pen  
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    CompeAnansi reacted to Luna in E 50 Replays 4300DPG 69%WRT   
    praise be unto those who bask in the glory of the e50
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    CompeAnansi reacted to _pip_ in Amx 13-75 Review - After 3 Marking It   
    After 3 marking the Amx 13-75 here is my review of it. Pros and cons and what role of light tank play that suits it best. Is it better than the T-71?
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    CompeAnansi reacted to Mesrith in I think I've hit the wall, could use help   
    This game doesn't actually have that many applicable skills, so it's pretty easy to narrow down which you need to improve upon.  Since others have already provided replay review I'm not going to do that, but analyze yourself and determine which of these you're lacking, then focus on it.
    Shooting skills.  Beyond just hitting straight-lining targets, you need to be able to predict player movements.  Most players won't pull a 90 and sail away at any sort of angle, instead they'll pop a 180 behind their team and hope that enemies will just shoot something closer.  I get a lot of my devastating strikes by waiting until I see the rudder commit, and then shoot into the turn, landing shells on them at their most vulnerable. Target prioritization.  Make sure you're shooting the right things instead of focusing on raw damage.  I run into quite a few good players on the server that seem like they're playing for WTR and just padding damage all game instead of making harder shots to damage or kill destroyers.  They'll happily ignore that dancing Udaloi at 12km in order to fish for another fire on that full-health Yamato at 15km. Map awareness and positioning.  It's almost never worthwhile to go to a flank at the start of a match; you're hoping that the enemy chooses to go there and gives you something worth shooting at.  Start off in a central location so that your guns can always be firing.  Pay attention to the map and what both teams are doing, and react to it early enough that you're in the right position to deal with it 3 minutes down the road.  If you're kiting 2-3 enemy ships and they start turning around, you're going to be out of the fight for 5 minutes unless you've paid attention and turn to chase them in time.  Always keep your guns engaged. Kind of minor, but make sure you're maximizing consumables.  Don't use Damage Control on a single fire, make sure you're getting a full Repair Party, make sure a destroyer isn't already exiting your radar circle when you pop it.  
    To be a better player, you have to consistently contribute more damage and kills than the red guys.  It's an oversimplification, but you really do just need to shoot more often than them (positioning), sink them faster (target prioritization), and hit more often (aiming).  This game doesn't have a gaggle of weak spots or counters to memorize.
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    CompeAnansi reacted to cavman276 in Supertest: 9.20 French tank buffs (AMX 30/30B and tier 8-10 TDs)   
    Every day, WG does something to make me think "they couldn't possibly be any more autistic than this"
    And then the next day, they prove me wrong.
    Every day.
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    CompeAnansi reacted to dualmaster333 in Tundra   
    I usually read the lineup. As a light tank, the biggest concern is usually your number of mediums vs their number of mediums. On the way to the hill I see how many of our tanks are committed vs what I expect their team to commit. If it doesn't look favorable, I sit at the base of the hill and put one or two rounds into enemies as they take the hill. If it looks like you have the advantage I commit to the hill because it is the most useful thing you can do early.
    If I can't go hill, I take my couple of shots and then look to work the middle. You have to be pretty cautious, but you can either look to wrap around and get flank shots on their side of the hill or move more into the middle and do what you can from there.
    Vision really doesn't matter on the map even late game. I find that your best hope is to stay alive and then use your speed to make useful flanking moves once things open up.
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    CompeAnansi reacted to OperatorError in 10k battles - nothing to celebrate   
    Short answer: NO.
    For a wide variety of reasons you shouldn't measure your skill by a single metric, let alone WN8, which has a variety of flaws if you're using it for that purpose.
    At this point, you should simply focus on recognizing, correcting, and preventing your own mistakes. As you've noted, you have a good amount of experience in-game; This simplifies the problem, since you only need to make use of the knowledge and skills you already possess! 
    Also, I would try 2 things in particular.
    1) Branch out a bit. Specifically, try playing more heavies. You have 10k battles but no heavies over tier 8? Heavies are super-meta right now, and knowing how to play them is an important skill to have, even if you don't play them yourself.
    2) Live longer! You're recent shows you survive 21.11% of your games. That's very low. There's something to be said for aggressive play of course, but you can't make an impact in the game if you're dead! It's hard to say what you actually have to do to fix this, but the first thing I would look at is to make sure you're trading shots effectively. i.e. make sure every time you engage a tank that you have a good chance of dealing more damage than you'll take in return. (Also, try to only engage one tank at a time)
    Also, welcome to the forums!
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    CompeAnansi reacted to Fulcrous in Need advice on Hevium Play   
    Use your speed to get to places traditional heavies can't get to. Then trade using alpha. My mistake playing through the 111-4 was constantly trying to side-scrape and getting insta-penned anyways.
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    CompeAnansi reacted to kolni in Need advice on Hevium Play   
    WZ-111-14 is very good because it has a high top speed, so getting places is something it can do. Problem is micromanaging in pushes/retreats due to low acceleration (even if it sort of helps in keeping the gun bloom lower) so you really need to know where to go. Just abuse the mediums with 340 HEAT and 490 alpha with a decent turret still and once you've cleared them out and there are gaps in map control you can start contesting heavies as well. Your gun tier for tier is awesome in alpha and DPM is not too bad either with first strike.
    T-10 is roughly the same although it's a little bit more mobile in terms of acceleration so it fights a bit better on the spot but usually loses out compared to the WZ when it needs to move. The only heavium in T10 in the tech tree is 113 anyway, and that one doesn't suffer any mobililty problems at all and can fight well anywhere against anything.
    Otherwise if you have a 907 you can play that as heavium too because 0fucksgivenRNGarmour  
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    CompeAnansi got a reaction from MEGUSTAPOW in How brave are you   
    @MEGUSTAPOW You might want to update the clan description, which says you're not looking for any members:
    On a side note, as you can see in the above link, BRVE has a level 10 stronghold. Join us so we can start doing them!
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    CompeAnansi reacted to MEGUSTAPOW in How brave are you   
    Jamcam has been brought back from the dead with South American witchcraft and thus the resurrection of BRVE has begun.
    We're starting off looking for people with 2400+ recent wn8 and 59%+ winrate
    Strongholds are gonna be our main gig until we can get enough active players for real deal CW
    Players with calling experience are especially welcome so we don't have to listen to Jam's gurgling and puffing 
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    CompeAnansi reacted to CarbonWard in Hello and Leo PTA stuff   
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    CompeAnansi reacted to KillerTiger in Hello and Leo PTA stuff   
    Well, I just started playing this game again after about two semesters worth of school. Between grad school and getting engaged, there just isn't any time during the school year. But now that my qualifier exam is over with, I have finally started playing some tanks again! For some reason when I came back I really wanted to buy back the amx 30 1er. I have no idea why, but it sounded like fun and so I did and 3 marked it fairly quickly. I actually enjoyed the tank and so I though that it would be worth looking into the Leopard PTA since they play similarly enough. I'm glad I did, this thing is an absolute monster! I have no idea why I didn't play the leos earlier, I feel right at home in them. So far I'm 85 games in and just got the 3rd mark: (all games played solo)

    Replays can be found here if you're interested:
    All in all, really good tank, I find it easy to win in, mainly because of the *useful* damage you're able to output in it. As with WoT, it's nice to be back. Well sometimes. 
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    CompeAnansi reacted to Android25 in WNR - Discussion   
    All tank data on NA, EU, and SEA from players that played a game in the last 60 days (as of about 2 weeks ago) has been pulled.
    The file sizes are 877MB, 4.203GB, and 580MB respectively.
    I started pulling RU data 12 minutes ago and assume the file size will be about 3.2 times larger than EU... so about 13.4GB.
    Edit: RU api seems considerably slower. Same program that took 1:05 to collect 800 players tank data on NA is taking 1:45 on RU.
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    CompeAnansi reacted to SmyleeRage in NA/SEA/EU SmyleeRage's Elitist Tanking Group! "260+ Members"   
    Wn8 1250+ 60/Days Ingame/Discord name must match You'll Receive friends Tags if you can't meet requirements above   
    What is the purpose of this Discord?
    Well the teamspeak was quite successful in its prime so I think this discord could have similar effects a lot of my platoonmates for that year were from the MVP club and I made some great long lasting friends out of it! Also since discord is less of a hassle to keep open etc I feel we will have a lot more active members on this then when MVP teamspeak was in its prime.
    Applying for Roles?
    There will be a section on the discord listed #Apply you will need to post your signature(Please read the pin message before posting in the #Apply section) in this section to receive your "Roles" These Roles will reflect your Stats overall & recent so that everyone knows how you perform in-game for those of you with lower overalls don't let this discourage you from joining this is a no hate zone those seen harassing other players will be kicked from the discord.
    I feel like this is pretty straight forward you join the discord receive your roles post #Platoon Section and look for other players to platoon with their are also other sections like Tanking related questions etc and feel free to post in them try to keep the @everyone to a minimum as most find it quite annoying The lobby will also be the voice version of #platoon feel free to sit in there and talk to others to see if they are playing your tier and want to platoon.

    Feedback & Questions
    We have a lot of room to improve of this type of discord and I'll totally accept any feedback from those of you that are interested I will also be looking for admins to moderate this discord if you feel you are up to the task please PM me on discord after Applying and joining the server! Those of you that have any questions feel free to ask away! 
    Also I felt this was a good idea since most of the players friends lists have been completely wiped 
    UPDATE: This discord will now be open to all servers it got great reception from the NA server Getting 100 members in just 5 days!! Wow amazing to see people wanting something like this I'm glad. So we are gonna open it to the other two servers as well for now on just say NA/EU/SEA when you are requesting a platoon which shouldn't be too much trouble.
    Now, I'm going to be looking for SEA/EU admins that can get the ball rolling on their servers and get a bunch of guys from there end also if anyone has anything they would like to add to the discord feel free to message me and tell me what you think would make it a better environment for the platooning/Hanging out experince! 
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    CompeAnansi reacted to DirtyACE7 in Maus - Guide to Winning Almost 90%   
    The Maus, in its current state (same goes for Japanese Type 4 and 5), is allowing/encouraging terrible players to continue being terrible and get rewarded for it because it allows them to be very relevant and influence the momentum of battles to a considerable degree. This should never be the case and at the very least definitely not at high tiers (tier 8+). Tanks should be balanced enough that they will allow them to seem OP if played by a competent player, not be a clown vehicle that anyone can just jump into and pull of 4k+ damage dealt and 3k+ damage blocked just by driving straight like a 46%er.
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    CompeAnansi reacted to dualmaster333 in Do the Garage Shuffle - LT edition   
    I ticketed back a few tanks and played them a bit this morning.
    VK1602 Leopard - I think this may end up being my VK2801 replacement. It's definitely a little bit sluggish so it isn't the best for GOFAST. But the 3cm gun really works well at this tier and the gun handling is tons better than it was before. Putting 12x30 into the butt is just as satisfying as a good HE pen. And not seeing tier 8s is a huge boon because the substantial armor jump from 7-8 made the Leo pretty useless in those matches.
    AMX 12t - This tank has gotten a whole lot better with this patch. 30% more horsepower and vastly better gun handling (and a Vstab!) make it much more pleasant to play. 4x135 clips work pretty well at this tier although it is a little on the slow side at 2.5s between shells. 144/202 pen is excellent. I haven't played any of the new tier 6 tanks yet so I can't compare the 12t, but it feels pretty decent. Only truly annoying thing is the French light tank elevation issues where the rear 180° can't point up very well. This constantly screws with my shots.
    AMX 13 75 - 25% more horsepower, much better gun handling and a Vstab to boot. Same tier so overall a pretty substantial improvement. Only glaring problem (other than French light tank elevation) is that 4x135 starts to feel pretty underwhelming at this tier. That's only 540 burst IF you hit all 4 shots. It really limits your ability to dive isolated tanks and clip them out. The trade off is just over 12 second clip time. 4 shells is actually a pretty nice number in a clip; many times you don't get off more than that anyways. Now you can clip, drop lights, and you're loaded just in time to go again. I'm a little worried about the burst, but otherwise this tank seems to have profited substantially from the tier changes.
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    CompeAnansi reacted to CarbonWard in T8 Campaign - The new meta   
    IS3 will always be the mainstay due to its high acc 122mm.
    That being said, Patriot might fade from the meta precisely thanks to StrvS1 and UDES, both of which possess APCR with enough pen and velocity to accurately penetrate its turret at a distance, thus pushing T32 back to the table of choices.
    In terms of scout, it will either be 132 with the Stock 100mm(upgraded 100mm has worse apcr pen), or LTTB.
    Every other LT just isn't competitive due to LTTB's 85mm HE autopenning them.\
    MT is mostly neutered due to new LTs having nearly double if not nearly triple the MT's HP/T, Lorraine 40T might see play on certain rush maps(Mines) as a battering ram due to its fast clip, high weight and high acceleration., other wise I don't really see Pershing seeing play due to the same reason as Patriot.
    In terms of TD UDES is gonna be pure cancer, on open maps, UDES/Strv camp will be the thing to counter against clans dead set on sitting to the end of time.
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    CompeAnansi reacted to H4NI in T8 Campaign - The new meta   
    Last patch totally wrecked the usual setups for tier 8, and as the upcoming event approaches, I'm wondering what are the tanks to use in tier 8 clan wars. Basically, T8 clan wars has become PayPal championship where all competitive tanks are the premium ones. What are the alternatives that are available in-game? IS-3 never gets old, but what about the rest of them? Which tank will replace the T-54 Lightweight? Considering arty damage nerf, are they still viable choice in cw? Maybe make a list of two/three best tanks per class (premium or non), so I can see where do I stand. I have old-school cw/esl tanks (IS-3, T32, Pershing etc), but it seems that they are obsolete now...
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    CompeAnansi reacted to Gatortribe in [] sela's mods - v9.17.1.2 released 26/03/2017   
    He quit streaming (for now, possibly forever?). Showed up in Sofi's stream a couple nights ago. Probably also means he quit tanks since he wasn't enjoying it very much.
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    CompeAnansi reacted to GehakteMolen in 9.19: Bonds! (and its repercussions)   
    As i said in other topic, WG can suck dick with their shit bonds, i rather see this crap in the store, for gold only, as sold for stupid bonds you need to farm in a stupid gamemode
    Ranked battle will be super mega camp against gold spamming try hards, aka SHIT
    Which means i need to:
    suffer in ranked battles fight against people with better equipment Both is equal annoying
    Its sometimes that WG wants that player quit, like what, they sort of fix arty a bit, so next patch we will have to fuck over something else?
    ps: perhaps i should just quit for a few months, i guess they will remove it later anyway, just like how T22 was ``fixed``
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    CompeAnansi reacted to Android25 in WNR - Development Thread   
    Weighted and Normalized Recent (or Retired) would be (if it gets enough help from the more math savvy here) an alternative successor to WN8. A lot of pages of development have already gone into WN9, but that thread died off over a year ago. The biggest problem standing in the way of WN8 right now is its viability in that values have to be updated by script and debated/peer reviewed every few months. The other major problem is WG's complete lack of accurate record keeping by making enormous changes to tanks and keeping their ID the same.
    The major idea around WNR would be that it is written as a "set and forget" program on a server that updates expected tank values based on the values from ALL players (not just those we have dossiers from). Whether it be from all players across all servers, or select servers, or just one server, is up for debate and understanding that based on the data I've collected so far I would expect all servers to have over 13 million active users. Whereas a server like NA would have 1.2 million and EU would have around 5 million (very preliminary extrapolated estimations from the oldest NA, EU, RU accounts).
    I've read over how expected values on WN8 were initially crafted, and though a lot of the hand tweaking had to do with lack of data for some tanks, it is not a completely automatable system. I'm wondering, for you more mathy people, if you had access to ALL tank data for ALL accounts on a given server, how would you automate finding expected values? The idea would be to repeat this process with 30-day delta values EVERY 30 days, so unlike the current script for updating values where that's exactly what it's made to do, update existing values, this would have to be a formula that REMAKES values every 30 days.
    If anybody is wondering what I'm talking about, this is my initial (partially executed) idea for data collection and crafting of expected values, but I think people here could come up with a much more elegant method.
    The other question is how do you want to USE those expected values. Should the system simply keep the WN8 formula or does anybody have better idea of how to craft a better formula? I'm not against getting a copy of Eureqa and using it with ALL server data. Bjshnog pointed out some things that should be implemented in WN9 on the first post of the WN9 development topic and I know RN did a lot of development on it in the same topic, so I'm wondering if anybody would be willing to make any suggestions for a new formula or methods for going about making a new formula.
    I plan on having 30-day delta data in about 45 days, so don't get too excited, a lot could go wrong when it comes to data collection that could quickly bin this idea, but I wanted to at least get people thinking about it.
    I have a pretty high end dedicated server (on a desktop processor though), and the internet to host the project. So the only real issue would be the possibility of getting banned from the API by WG. Crawling their API isn't explicitly against the rules but who knows, it's a LOT of requests (like 25 million requests a month).
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    CompeAnansi reacted to Android25 in WN8 - Change to Averaged Expected Values   
    Is there some reason tank values aren't just calculated by a program? With the API's 10 call per second limit (without special permission) you can skim "last played" data of all players in around a day and a half. Assuming not all 110 million players that WG claims to have are active, you could actively skim tank data from players accounts from /every/ active account over a period of 15 to 30 days. Then just use a system of averaging and line fitting to automatically update values. Said system would then also have individual tank data 30 (or fewer) day history for every active player in the game. The system could even run an API that could feed to XVM or an XVM like mod that would then show players recent rating (or even recent rating for the tank they're driving).
    In its most basic form though (which would save a lot of server storage space) it could just be used to update values on a 30 day rotation.
    Since individual accounts would be skimmed, finding new tank id's would be done very quickly and the system could be setup to actively add new tanks as it finds them. Is server money and someone to write the initial program the /only/ limitations to this, or am I missing something big?
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    CompeAnansi reacted to AkulaV in Maus - Guide to Winning Almost 90%   
    Ok, I see. I understand it's not what you expected. But unfortunately, I'm just not going to do a proper test of 100+ games. I just wanted to share my experience completing HT15 in the Maus, and in the process winning majority of those games. Maybe someone else can give it a go and document it with all the data/replays.
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