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  1. Added everyone in this thread to friends list. Thanks, guys!
  2. Since N0VA_ folded, I am once again without a large pool of people to platoon up with. Due to several weeks of crazy work schedules coming up, I'm not going to be looking for a clan to inflict myself upon, so I will be looking for unattached platoonies. Hit me up with your friend invites, please! Me: overagressive teal shitter. When it works, I play in the 3-4k range. When it doesn't, I die in a horrible fire. Evens out to 1800-2200 typically. I have been trying to figure out the Lorr marginally unsuccessfully, so my recents have dipped. I also tend to play
  3. LOL! I didn't even get that far. I'll be a level 18 Nightblade, please. Role master FTW.
  4. Got to admit, I felt like the guys in the gif. Who the hell designs a forum software that you need to register, but then you can't post until you click another button to join? Who thought that was a good idea? seriously? I will readily admit being an idiot... often, but come on.
  5. OK. Figured it out, thanks. I was registered, but not joined. First time I'd seen a forum set up like that.
  6. I must fail @ forums, but I cannot find out where to click the buttons to start a recruitment thread on awful's forum.
  7. I'm open to go anywhere assuming it's a good fit for both of us. Looking at your requirements, I don't hit your O/A or recent stats reqs.
  8. Hi all, Looking for a clan to call home. http://www.wotstats.org/stats/na/nitrah/ http://wotlabs.net/na/player/nitrah You: Active. Organized. Not a bunch of jerks. * I'm looking for activity with Tier 10 tanks (required). T10 Clan wars would be preferred * I'm looking for activity on any strongholds tiers, but I'm most experienced at 6/8 (required) * I'm looking for a clan that plans on participating in the next Campaign (required) * I'm looking for a clan that is transparent WRT gold payouts and attendance * I'm looking for a clan that has a
  9. I just got this tank as part of my Leopard 1 grind. I love the thing. After 15 battles, I have 14 wins, and a tank based wn8 in the 2800 range. It drives like a tier 6 T-34. Fast, fast firing. The cromwell tries, but it's got awful gun handling. This one trades a little speed for a much more responsive gun which can snipe or peek instead of needing to 'run & gun'
  10. I'm perplexed why this tank gets such hate for CW. It's midway for speed between the E-100 and the IS-7. It's midway for armor between the two, and midway for gun as well. It can sidescrape better than all of them because it doesn't have a flat face like the E-100. I'll give you that it's probably better in pubs, but I don't understand why it's basically written off. I'm not a great tier 10 driver overall yet, but I drive it with 500 wn8 and 10% win rate higher than my IS-7. I love the thing.
  11. Question about skills for the T-54 ltwt. I currently have a 2.8 skilled crew in the tank. My driver has BiA/camo/smooth ride. I have been debating switching smooth ride for off road driving (more likely) or clutch braking. I primarily drive the tank in strongholds right now, but it will see a handful of randoms a week. Anyone have any thoughts whether a swap will make a difference, and if I do switch it, should the 4th skill be clutch braking, smooth ride, or repairs?
  12. I, too, have done really well with the T-34. Other tanks which are similar that I have driven are the A-43, Cromwell, MT-25, 59-16, and I'm currently driving the WZ-131. The Type T-34 is also similar, but it is very unforgiving to play. I have been told the WZ-132 is similar to the WZ-131, which would mean it should be similar to the T-34, but I haven't unlocked it yet. The higher tier Russian mediums are similar, but they are more brawly than the speedy angry hornet gameplay that the T-34 was. There is a big difference between how you drive a tank with a 2 second reload with tiny alpha and
  13. The latest version of Aslain's modpack says that the option which shows enemy turret direction on the minimap is legal in NA. According to the super spammy, and very old "policies" thread there is a screencap of a banned mod which shows turret direction, knocked over trees, and reload timers on the minimap highlighted. Was that just a single modpack that did all three that's not allowed, or is Aslain's wrong? Have I missed a thread or post somewhere which over-rules that forum thread? Why must it be so bloody hard to find out what's allowed and what's not?
  14. I just got my ST-I a day or two ago, but have now been focusing on the IS-3. Will be happy to join you for some T9 if you don't mind running standard 8s instead of preferred MM 8s for the in-betweens. The only pref 8 I have makes me want to gouge my eyes out.
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