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  1. Oh gawd..I was wondering where all Nice lobster icons were in my wot app.. So sad the clan is gone. Had a great time in it. Good luck to you all.
  2. Sorry guys, but I quit for now. This game is getting on my nerves lately and awakens too much anger. When I start again you are the first to hear from me again. It was good knowing you all! cya
  3. Guys, I wont be online the next 4 weeks..living temporarily at my parents place but wow...such shit internet. Good enough for old people, but useless for wot. after those 4 weeks I have my diploma and then I am moving to the wonderfull country of Nurkus.
  4. Got a question about CW: isn't it possible (and handy) to ask kitty or ideal to attack those win2 (and win3) guys? I dont think that those guys will get off our back for the next couple of days/weeks.
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