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  1. I've never posted an introduction and I thought this would be a good time to do so. Hello, I'm HighProbability, I've been playing World of Tanks for a little more than two years. For the first 12k games I was a royal shitter. Long story short, I found the material in this forum highly valuable in my pursuit toward excellence. Prior to a long break earlier this year I had accumulated 35k games with more than 15k games at the SuperUni level in nearly every tank I played. 2 MOE were very easy to obtain in all tiers while 3 MOEs were still a bit challenging, but doable. I recently relocat
  2. Hmm. A thread from a good arty player teaching other arty players how to arty. I don't like where this is going. At least you're telling interested parties that xvm sniping isn't the thing to do.
  3. Conducting the train is good and certainly helps. My issue with conducting the lemming train is I will also draw too much aggression, do alot of dmg still, but die all the same. Then the game and its outcome is left to those who remain... Lemming train matches I've observed from the grave demonstrate I'm more valuable supporting the train while staying alive (because I have skill to do so) in order to be present for the end game. Granted, support frequently means positioning to enable a crossfire which also could mean positional risk taking or playing slightly passive.. I don't
  4. Then dread and enjoy the roller coaster you ride upon. Or enjoy it all. My opinion is that if your doing great then maintaining only to do great and excel again you should probably examine external factors such as time of day, over-caffeinated, mood incongruent with tanks played in the present session, etc. to see if any of those are impacting efforts. However, based on your last post it sounds like you're open to constructive feedback so long as it fits within your prescribed mode of operation. If you wish to maintain "switch"-like improvement... IMO your ability to control your p
  5. Revenue stability equals higher share price which means more executive bonuses. Not kidding. This is why every company that can, will shift to subscription based sales. And yes, this will filter down to the regular consumer.
  6. Very true. Stone tablet worthy insight. OP, try trimming back on the number of games played per session. This will help you learn when your session length begins wearing on your gameplay.
  7. I too once used xvm in a similar fashion. However, there are just too many flaws when assuming a really good player will work well with you based on stats. Just turn off xvm, assume nobody can read your mind, and work well with/utilize your team to the best of your ability. All players no matter their stat can be of use. For instance, a red player will likely drive right into the ambush lighting the enemy, die quickly, buy still provide shot opportunities or at the very least provide enemy location intel. Back map camper reds provide stationary guns and spotting. No matter how limited
  8. Well, kudos to your guide and clanmates. The tanks you have and the lines you grinded are organized and representative of a player well beyond the 5k game mark. At 5k games I didn't even have a clue... nor do most at that few games played. Relapses are normal. Don't expect your past meteoric rise to continue. Prize learning and consistency. As you progress each 100 wn8 gained after 2700 will be like pulling teeth because the challenge is not game skill only anymore. The challenge becomes a combination of self control and game skill. Going from 1400 to 2500 wn8 is a HUGE change. Start loo
  9. Great question OP. To practice baiting shots my advice is to use a tank with a strong aspect of armor. Turret is best but decent side armor for side scraping will work too. Set up in a way where nothing is showing to your enemy via terrain or obstacles then show the tiniest amount of your tank while constantly rocking forward and backward or diagonally. The key is to be a target, but the absolute worst target possible. Baiting shots is as much of a psychological play as it is atank control skill. You're trying to out match you're opponents with patience, make them risk a shot at a tiny tar
  10. Map awareness. At your current level you can shoot well in most situations, poke corners and stuff, but my biggest issue with greens is that greens often get into position and either win or die. No relocation. No ebbing and flowing. Just static game play. All because most greens don't check their map frequently enough to make in-the-moment adjustments while keeping pressure on the enemy. Mediums are the best to learn dynamic game play based on Intel gathered from reading the map. Interestingly, aspirations to improve map awareness and speed of decision making/execution doesn't end. Thr
  11. RE: kolni's original post and application. Too often pubbies criticize me for not being more aggressive when I'm the sole survivior, low hp, outnumbered, out hp'd. Kolni presents that changing modes from win focus to farming is an option. Frequently not explored by pubbies and even less understood. After attaining a high degree of skill in map reading it is possible to determine when the game is checkmate. By recognizing the status of the match as a checkmate, entering into "farmingmode" will also enable the enemy team to undo their upper hand and make gross miscalculations. I've created more
  12. Autoaim+ is great for new tankers learning to poke corners. IMO using this mod is actually is a bad habit for poking. The feature fixes the aim, most often, at a location with the least possible chance to pen, track, or cause a critical hit. Furthermore, the tanker using this mod must expose their tank more than needed because of where the aim fixates when activated. While it is convenient, and solves the gun riding up the wall/hill/debris issue - poking with this mod is actually more of detriment than a benefit. The advantage of this mod is evident when engaging enemies while on the mo
  13. Kolni and weenis pretty much gave the best advice possible. Insofar as tilt is concerned, managing tilt is paramount. Whether it is shaking off bad games, taking preventative measures through session management rules, or whatever. I've been at the cusp or two or three marks so many times that I know your pain. Don't play on tilt. Use your preferred means to stop tilt before it ruins your MOE progress.
  14. This tank is a big, mostly soft target. A great tank to learn how to be an inconvenient target cause if you are not... you will die fast. Interestingly, being a hard target is essential at high tier. Especially if you're playing an autoloader. Enjoyed this tank, but not the arty one shots. Which happen. Alot.
  15. Lmfao! You guys just made my morning. Arty and blue stats - the focus has only just begun. Saddness, frustration, anger... so many more emotions will intensify. Movie Qoute: "At last you know what it means to hate..."
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