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  1. Jeez, you BULBA guys are insane, how is it even possible for that one guy to hold 4k dpg in his IS-7 (forgot his name)
  2. Being called a hacker or mod user should go down as an accomplishment, most people celebrate it
  3. Yes, and thanks for the welcomes all. OH, aren't you the guy that said "Tomato still sucks" in that game on Mines. You hurt man feelingz, but yea I said that, tbh it was an achievement for me xD, but I learned a lot more on this account, then I ever did seal clubbing T18. HAX
  4. Basically, I've started to lurk around these forums a bit, read up on guides, and learned a bunch of skills I use in WOT today from WotLabs, and of course, very often check my stats. Finally decided to become, most likely, an active user here and would like to meet the community. That's about all I have to say xD, and look forward to meeting a bunch of you here and in-game. Thanks, TomatoClubber!
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