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  1. Becuz doing it the other way around would be legit scam. edit: 120+ deaths and around 200 injured along with 80 at critical condition. 8 attackers with automatic weapons wearing suicide vests. 6 locations attacked and some scums blew themselves up as police close in. They should all be eradicated from the surface of the planet.
  2. Conscript reporting. ayyyyyy
  3. Hail, Send me invite and I shall run skirmishes for the sake of my own credits.
  4. ^ Except the part where you have to brawl some heavies,FCM still have some uses. Since no one fires premium shells it bounces shots occasionally. But yeah,clan like -KOPM runs full FCM&CDC for the insane credit earning,those two would be the kings in t8 SH in the right hands.
  5. I thought 10.0 would be coming out by now,Autumn they said.
    guess it will in a few days,after the test.

  6. No,that makes tier 8 the most challenging tier,since you need to fight up to tier 10,which is the part you consider worst. Being able to perform consistently in tier 8 would help a lot in your gaming experiences afterwards. i cri eberytiem.
  7. Well what i believe is that,ppl get what they deserve eventually,either in good ways or bad ways. Keep the positive attitude and you might just find more ppl to enjoy games with. As for the two you mentioned,if they're not actual sperging shitlords(or whatever they are/do) they might end up finding where they belong to and that ain't something bad,but if they were to sperg around I'm pretty sure ppl will notice that. which kind of players they are time will tell you.
  8. meh will spam t8 skirmish to get thru KV4. never gonna spend any fe that things just bae, that one tank you have to grind to get the real beast,just like how you have to do KT to get E75.
  9. That's actually a rather weird question to ask,since those don't really matter in tier 6 skirmishes. But I'll go with full damage output setup in any given tier 6 tank.It's not like you have higher tiers to deal with and that makes spotting less important.
  10. Anyone here would share some experience using Discord? or even insight.
    heard it's pretty good,will prolly switch over to it in the future.

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