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  1. Well stay calm because theres one thing thats really worse than Corona: Arty. (And ppl without a 0 key on their keyboard) Now serious: My opinion on Corona? I think its overhyped but Im still kinda worried about getting infected because of my chronic asthma. I mean even a little flu can become a serious issue for me lol. So what do I do against it? Nothing atm.
  2. One question: I can only play heavies. Am I retarded? Another thing: Im a shitter in EBRs (Same avg DMG and spots in T8 prem EBR and T10 EBR). Am I even more retarded? Oh and btw: Is it just me or are a lot of bushes fcked up since 1.0. Like srsly Im being spotted sometimes when theres absolutely no logic behind it. Not playing that much since I went so ultra bad at this game after a long break back in 2016/2017.
  3. How can I get you to play with my joystick? U know what I mean
  4. Youre emitting so much positive charisma that Im srsly tempted to have some kind of sexual intercourse with u
  5. I srsly dont understand all the bitching lol Shouldnt we work together against the retardism of WG and their game design employees? Kinda like the typical movie where a small group of intelligent people fights against the rest of the world? So literally like 90% of movies.
  6. You better move that one to EUW or Ill get it banned!
  7. I guess we fcked up - I play on EUW and not EUNE
  8. Sure I think Im always ready for draft but whenever possible I stick to blind pick - possibly because I want to get into the match as fast as possible (WoT-syndrome) and my fingers are fast enough to type that preferred position. Because we all know that draft games where someone dodges right before the game starts - let this happen 3 times in a row and after you finally got into game its a remake because someone is afk. Btw noones ever gonna ban my most played champs because they are all off-meta Btw dont flame me for being bad because I only play my 10 ranked games per season and I dont know how far I could possibly get - I just cand handle the emotional stress. Creative nickname - im wondering what AAAAA batteries would look like
  9. Lets play some blind pick games together! It feels pretty good to not be the only one shelving WoT for a game like League. This happened pretty much in 2016 when my old notebook got worse and kept crashing while trying to play WoT. After buying a new PC I never rally came back to WoT, it never felt the same not playing on a 15" screen anymore. I never got back to my old levels of skillfull play and thats not satisfying at all, so Im stuck to League. Btw me talking to myself to never ever spend any money on WoT again because I rarely play it anymore but buying 150 lootboxes a few seconds later. Fck this.
  10. U gonna kill me for that: It's Wurstelinchen on EUW server
  11. As long as they don't nerf my lovely Urgot after this small scale rework in the latest patch
  12. I absolutely hate arty and we all know it can't be removed completely from the game, but there was some kind of idea that came to my mind when I was having one of my wet dreams in a lonely night... What do u think about the idea of reworking arty into this direction: - give back its old alpha DMG - remove this retarded stun - decrease shell velocity A LOT - so it will take the shells some time to hit the target (like 6-7 sec @ 600 m) - increase shell arc - arta will be able to hit behind a lot of rocks, hit roofs a lot more and so on (result of decreasing shell velocity or vice versa) - make tracers more visible - limit arty to one per team side Well, noone wants to get blapped for 700-800 health+, but this change would - at least in my few working brain cells - set the skill cap for arty a lot higher. Arty would do what it was originally supposed to do: prevent camping (SerB approves). Right now they are able to hit fast moving tanks, so all they do is shoot at low armor vehicles because they all wanna deal some damage. With this rework they would nearly only be able to hit slow moving or completely stationary tanks for some good chunks of HP and I think this is the kind of support we need in this dumb armorcreep meta. With this velocity they shouldnt be able to hit tanks with some agressive or mobile playstyle unless they have some kind of skill. The more visible tracers would make it easier to counter them as well. What do u think about this? Retarded idea?
  13. Alpha and camo-wise yes... Everything else nope I would say
  14. It's 243 @ 100 m 240 @ 200 m 230 @ 500 m
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