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  1. Holy shit I am so done with this game. I cant stop playing it but I am super frustrated after every evening I played it, because I am bad. I cant reach my old levels of performance and that is making me super sad.

  2. No buffs before release for this obvious piece of crap. Also: -10 gun depression makes my depression go up +420
  3. One thing Im really asking myself is (well I mean we all know WG and their stupid game balance employees): HOW THE FCK can u bring tanks like the GSOR with some obvious totally overpowered numbers to the ST like this. I mean u must see, that its op. Or do they do this that the supertesters got some shit to do? Like holy shit. WG-employee ->
  4. Well those ideas sound appealing, Ima give them a try. I srsly love my JPE - even trying too 100% mark him now - but the "BRING THIS DAMN FIREPOWER UP" mentality settled in so hard over the years that it feels like I could make a lot more use of new equipment. Thank god I got ppl like u LUL
  5. Im not sure what Equipment I want to put on JPE100. Any ideas?
  6. Dunno how to describe it, but a turbocharged KV-5 feels so goddamn sexy
  7. Well stay calm because theres one thing thats really worse than Corona: Arty. (And ppl without a 0 key on their keyboard) Now serious: My opinion on Corona? I think its overhyped but Im still kinda worried about getting infected because of my chronic asthma. I mean even a little flu can become a serious issue for me lol. So what do I do against it? Nothing atm.
  8. One question: I can only play heavies. Am I retarded? Another thing: Im a shitter in EBRs (Same avg DMG and spots in T8 prem EBR and T10 EBR). Am I even more retarded? Oh and btw: Is it just me or are a lot of bushes fcked up since 1.0. Like srsly Im being spotted sometimes when theres absolutely no logic behind it. Not playing that much since I went so ultra bad at this game after a long break back in 2016/2017.
  9. How can I get you to play with my joystick? U know what I mean
  10. Youre emitting so much positive charisma that Im srsly tempted to have some kind of sexual intercourse with u
  11. I srsly dont understand all the bitching lol Shouldnt we work together against the retardism of WG and their game design employees? Kinda like the typical movie where a small group of intelligent people fights against the rest of the world? So literally like 90% of movies.
  12. You better move that one to EUW or Ill get it banned!
  13. I guess we fcked up - I play on EUW and not EUNE
  14. Sure I think Im always ready for draft but whenever possible I stick to blind pick - possibly because I want to get into the match as fast as possible (WoT-syndrome) and my fingers are fast enough to type that preferred position. Because we all know that draft games where someone dodges right before the game starts - let this happen 3 times in a row and after you finally got into game its a remake because someone is afk. Btw noones ever gonna ban my most played champs because they are all off-meta Btw dont flame me for being bad because I only play my 10 ranked games p
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