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  1. Quick tip for that battle, I know because when I look my own games I'm guilty of this myself. you had friends behind you, including JT88, he even stated to let the enemy move up. This means hes there and he wants to support you, and I'm sure you know how well a JT88 can be at support fire, as for the driver of said tank, unknown risk(I dont currently run XVM). However, in your aggression you lost HP and took the potential damage your allies could have done for you out of the fight. Its a tough call to rely on teammates, everyone knows this, but again in chat at least two said they were the
  2. Equipment Suggestions: * Vertical Stabilizer: the E8 is one one the few thanks at that tier to be able to fit Vert Stab. It will decrease your aiming circle on a more consistent basis allowing faster, more accurate shots. This will help when using the gun depression on ridges, and allow you to use the heaviest armor of your tank (the turret mantlet) to its greatest effect. * Coated Optics: based solely on the replay you provided if you find yourself more often in engagements at the ranges similar to that battle, the coated optics would have done everything and more than the equipment
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