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  1. I only know one "cure" when SerB decides to troll me. And that's to leave game for today. Forcing yourself to play will result in being annoyed and losing focus, which isn't really what you want, I believe.
  2. Were you talking about AMX medium or heavy line? I don't think it's really good idea to spot with AMX 50 120.
  3. I can only assume that enemy had some insane spawn points then, because by the time I reloaded with coffee + BiA, they were all already up.
  4. Ah, my bad, thought it would be obvious that I was talking about heavy line. And heavy tanks certainly can't load on time, I was once running 50B with coffee, and still wasn't able to load on time to shoot mediums going to hill.
  5. As the title suggests, how do you play them? They are small maps, especially Mines, with very limited flanking/sniping options. Also one of the problems I have with AMX heavies on Mines, is that you will never, ever reload on time to shoot mediums going to hill.
  6. Indeed, I remember the time when I couldn't aim up to hill from 2nd line on Himmelsdorf. That one was a shocker. And I somehow did better with that 50 120 than with 50B.
  7. Basically this. Plus, Padding WR is much easier than padding WN8.
  8. As title says, I'm trying to 3rd mark it. Issue is that games are rarely average. It's either 3500 - 4000 damage, or 800 - 1200. Biggest problem I have with it is trying to survive, or finding place where you can run off or stay hidden. And that bastard is often getting spotted from 400 meters before firing. And, of course, it's no Emil II so that it can actually take hits. Crew is 1st skill 6th sense + repair, second is unfinished BiA. Posted last 6 replays if that helps in pointing out my mistakes. First, did poorly. Second, did good. Third, did mediocre. F
  9. Little update, got to 90% from 86%. That was 9 games with 1300-ish average damage. Seems unlikely that I'll be able to keep it up, because I'm aware I got lucky on several occasions. like penetrating O-I from 300 meters (and then missing AMX 12t ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). Also, AP shells were big part of doing damage, much more consistent at wrecking enemy mediums.
  10. You don't have to now, just win showdown on WG's new awesome tournament streamed on twitch! Because everyone loves WG and their choices regarding balance and e-sports. Well, I have under 8000, am I bad player?
  11. So I see, it's going to be similar to 3-marking Achilles. Very capable tank if you don't get city/corner map... Which is not something really something I can influence. (It's not like it's impossible to do good on Himmelsdorf tier 8, in Achilles *cough* http://wotreplays.eu/site/3019380#stats *cough*) But, but... KV-2 is KV-2, First of Derpers, King of Trolls, Stalin's favourite...
  12. Yes, you heard me right. This comrade needs your help in making Stalin proud. Can someone write down his own tips that would help me reach it? How much gold AP are you using? In which circumstances you would not use them? How do I call upon Stalin's hand to guide my shell? Does saying "Cyka blyat rush B!" help? I'm mostly having problem keeping up consistency, which I have hard time determining if I'm problem or gun.
  13. VStarting from worst ones first, my treshold is quite high so I don't think I'll be able to find 10. 1. Type 95. - you can find picture of this abomination in dictionary next to word 'worthless'. 2. Type 91. - similar to above, but thankfully tier lower. 3. M3 Grant. - Not sure what was I thinking when I thought that this tank is any way reliable. Nope, really bad decision. 4. M3 Lee. - same as above, but at least it's less ugly. I guess... 5. Churchill VII - Oh my, in time when I played it, this tank had even bad depression, along side that stupid track weakspot from
  14. Finally got it, not sure about what was average damage, but I remember that games where I scored 1700-1800, I was basically staying at same.
  15. Exact reason I had to stop playing for few days, got carried away by those shiny stars on gun. But I know that this state won't last for long... Who doesn't like shiny stars?!
  16. Status update, got to 90.75% after changing way I play it, and of course, getting a little bit lucky with friendly scouts not sucking badly. What I did different was playing REALLY passively. It meant that ROFLstomp games were punishing, because you don't have that good mobility, nor DPM/alpha. Worst map for me is Windstorm if I'm bottom tier, you can't go really anywhere if they have tier 9 mediums. Not really, I might upload training battle with friend of mine to show you. For an example, today I had to fire 2 shots to first wheel on IS-3 and T-34 to finally track him.
  17. That's the thing I always try to avoid, even more so then in my other mediums and AMXs, simply because of that patheticly weak ammorack and overall module HP. Heck, every few battles first hit just kills my gunner, damages ammorack or engine, etc. Annoying as hell. By the way, I see that you went for Camo skill. Does it actually help considering how this tank has beacon on top of it? I myself went for repair+6th, 2nd is BiA (WIP)
  18. Nuttydave, possible to reach it with 75/L100, or I need to drop down to 7.5/L70 full APCR spam? For .03 accuracy, it has better DPM and what it feels like, better gun handling. I always try to do that, but because caliber is 75mm, you need at least 2 shots to track "same tier medium". Sometimes I really feel like I'm shooting potatoes... High speed potatoes.
  19. Does anyone here have 3rd mark on Panther (tier 7)? If someone has it, can you please say what you have to do to get it? Barely moving towards 85% mark, 1400-1500 average damage. I don't even know where else can I pull it! As for reason why I want it so badly, well... It's weird tank, I love it.
  20. I believe there is some truth to that, but you should also think how popular it is. For an example, every tier 8 match has IS3 and it has wide spectrum of players playing it. T32, on the other hand, you don't see that often, and it isn't 'noob friendly' tank, so it certainly drives away some players, which in the end raises bar.
  21. Having just completed 3rd MoE, I can only say there can only be very good matchup, or really bad one. Either you are top tier or you get tier 10 with a lots of mediums, and let's not forget arty. It is possible to get 3rd MoE with 105 with average 3 shells APCR per game, but I really would recommend running Cola for last 1% PS: If you want to get 3rd MoE, you should aim for average 3000 WN8, or in damage, 2300-2400, with, I guess, 1000 assistance.
  22. AMX 50 100, 4034 damage, trading hp, map awareness. link to replay Sidenote: Ignore chat, reason why I am only one writing is because I was playing with friends and we were using Skype, but because my microphone was broken... Yeah. Our platoon we should get hold of A and B line, since I view it as much easier for pushing and you are not locked down. Don't know if I took too big risk, but went hard in and found 'lonely' SP, which got clipped fairly quickly. Soon Stuerer showed up, I decided it would be good to trade some hp to help my friend so we could move on. Enemies were putting pressure i
  23. VK 2801, 3351 damage in tier 9, 1892 experience, Fadin's and Orlik's medal. Really tense fight at the end. link to replay As Abbey isn't really scouting map, me and my friend in his VK went to middle hoping for jackpot, which is Borsig. Unfortunately, resistance showed up so I went around through passage located on 3rd (or 4th) line. There I helped our CDC and killed T69 and later had good shots at enemy CDC and VK 2801. Later I tried to go around but Cent was blocking the way, so first wanted to kill CDC. As soon as I dealt with him, I came closer to the enemy side, because my friend he will
  24. Today Domination mode arrived on EU server, so I decide to give it a go. What I discovered was that if you have empty magazine in 50B, if you enter station and wait for 5 seconds, you will get fully loaded gun ready to destroy enemies. This is especially broken on Sand River, since on that map you have repair station in the middle of the map, with cover. My best score so far was 13 886, could have done it better if I just didn't waste clip on E5's far away from me. http://prntscr.com/7c7bbs I would like to see what is best score someone can get.
  25. Also, you can try Rammer/Vents/Toolbox Rammer and vents for maximizing DPM and Toolbox, for getting out of tricky situations faster. You can save your Repair kit that way. I don't play with Binos because even in tier 8 I am agressive and constantly moving. PS: Try to find hill which pushes you up, angled front reaches autobounce that way.
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