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  1. FiauraTankGirl is my In-game there as it is here and I'll be back on AW likely Monday night.
  2. So long as your FPS is 30 or higher you should be okay, I used to have to play at an FPS of 22-31, you can imagine how hard that was. So yeah, I can help.
  3. Off of video FPS for WoT is 220, Ping is 30. AW FPS is 92 Av and Ping is 88. Sure, I haven't been able to play AW a lot but I can come teach you the ropes this week. Send me a friend request in game, same name in AW as I am here. I'll hopefully catch you during Saturday's live stream. Alright, send me another set of samples, send me some Okay games, games where you clearly made a mistake but aren't sure what the mistake is.
  4. I did look at your games. I mean if you want me to nitpick stuff I can but otherwise, there are no major improvements to be made.
  5. I think Porphyro is just trolling, though I would say, stop relying on Gold so much, other than that eh, these look fine to me, I see no real benefit from me to you consider your recent and overall are higher than my own. Anyway, I've had about 16 people come through and so far, they all seem to have improve themselves somewhat, with about 3 people coming back several times to do additional mentoring. Anyway, still open and running mentorship during live streams, you want in, send me a PM in game. In game name: FiauraTankGirl NA Server
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