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  1. It's not a problem, i know i have a problem winning games and playing the m46 padded my stats a lot, even when sometimes it feels like i can't buy a win it's not going to make me stop playing, btw actually half of those battles where grinding the m48, even played the m46 stock for some bats, also at the time it become my favorite tank and best tank for xp/battle so i used it to grind the free xp for the e100 top gun and leo pta that i'm close to unlock, it's kinda hard to find the difference (between padding/grinding/playing for fun) at some point, no shame on it. http://www.noobmeter.com/rece
  2. Tried to play it just like I used to play the e75, just can't make it work. Anyways, i'll get the last 4 k free xp for the gun this week and I'll give it at least a five games try.
  3. Well, here is my sad story, I used to love both my tiger 2 and my e75 (even my stats on both are better than my overall), it was kinda easy at the moment i hit t8 in 3 lines at a point and decided that the e100 should be my first t10, got it like 45 days ago and tried to play a few games but i totally sucked, my first thought was that should let it rest till i have enough free xp to unlock the top gun, played the patton line from the persh that was already full, grinded the m46 from stock while playing the cdc for farming credits and got to the m48 wich was easy to play stock with some gold sp
  4. Thank you for your advice, I guess I still have a lot to learn before I can be gud@tanks
  5. Do you think the method of getting better a la kewei would work for me to really improve? Recently finished grinding the top gun of the m48 so i think i could play full t10 for like 1 k bats on it while grinding some credits with the cdc
  6. Hi, i'm new to the forum but i've been reading the guides and articles of Wotlabs from a time, used to be worst than a bot on my first 1-2 k bats, started getting better as soon as i got on my actual clan and get my first t8, then i bought my super pershing and used it to pad a lot(the only tank i have more than 1 k bats with) till i got my stats where they are now, but i feel like i'm stuck, i'm still under average tanker so would appreciate any advice you have for me, cause i would really like to improve. PD. Sorry for my english, i'm from Paraguay but have not seen anyone post in spanis
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