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  1. FeniEnt

    Android games for dat beach time

    Duet was pretty cool.
  2. FeniEnt

    Domination mode bragging.

    Some of them even think that they should go to the red base with flag and they die near it giving enemy an easy opportunity to take the flag there themselves.
  3. FeniEnt

    How do I T54E1?

    That's so simple and obvious, yet it helped me. EDIT: http://wotreplays.com/site/1883110#lakeville-fenient-t54e1
  4. FeniEnt

    How do I T54E1?

    Yeah, me and my gun... My main problem with this tank is the terrible gun handling and 0,4 accuracy. I don't seem to be able to work with that very well.
  5. FeniEnt

    How do I T54E1?

    So T57 Heavy is the top of the tree on EU right now. I had T54E1 in my garage for quite some time, but I had so many other tanks I really enjoyed that it was only collecting dust after I got the top gun. Right now I'd like to get the T57 just so I can spend 30% less credits. And I'm having problems. How the hell do I play this, other than spam gold? I would rather play Lorraine 40t than this tank right now. So if someone could send some replays, give some general advice or do anything to help me learn how to T54E1 it would be great, because currently I'm struggling to have fun with it.
  6. FeniEnt

    Just a rant about TD's

    Thinking that every vehicle in a single class fits the same role is not really right. In CW environment I would agree about TDs being mostly useless, but in pub battles most of the TDs have their use. WT100 has that crazy burst, JgE100 has some crazy damage and really good armor, T110E3 has probably best frontal armor in the game. E4 is pretty much a heavy tank, F155 has some nice mobility, even after the nerfs but the reload between shells kills the burst. 268 has some crazy camo and 263 has nice mobility, high DPM and can bounce a shell or two. In the current corridor maps some standard TDs, the "snipers", really aren't that usefull, but the tech trees are full of TDs that don't fall in the "low armor, big gun, long reload, low mobility" scheme.
  7. FeniEnt

    Bromwell Birthday Giveaway

  8. FeniEnt

    Bromwell Birthday Giveaway

    Yeah, I hit my 20 000th battle today. ^^ But I was just playing, without giving much thought to what I'm doing, so I know only the most basic stuff like angling and aiming, but I'm sure everything was said about that. Only recently I started to try thinking about macro and micropositioning, reacting to the battlefield and reading team composition. And I have to admit, I'm really bad at it. I have a lot of trouble with something as simple as deciding where to go at the beginning of the match. So yeah, I don't think I can contribute that much.
  9. FeniEnt

    Bromwell Birthday Giveaway

    I might, but I think there's no Chi-Ri appreciation thread, so I have nothing meaningful to say.
  10. FeniEnt

    Bromwell Birthday Giveaway

    I'm here just for a chance to get a free tank. I don't really feel like I have anything interesting to give to the community and pretty much all of the interesting questions were already asked, so I'm just trying to leech some info from here. I registered only for the low possibility of getting Bromwell. Don't be mad.