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  1. Oh crap. I misread the date on the last post as January 8th of 2016...so I thought I still might have a slight chance. My apologies.
  2. Hey CraBeatOff, I am currently learning the T-54; trying to understand it and I am failing very very hard. I have 172 battles, 46% WR, with 1242 aDpB currently. For some reason I am having an incredibly hard time figuring this tank out despite all of the claims that it is an amazing tank. I have a YouTube video that has 2.75 hours worth of game play in the T-54. I do have 2 games in the T32 on there as well, but you can skip those. The first handful is solo play, then I platoon up with a friend for a while (BuubyTrap), then Grasschopper joins in towards the end. That ses
  3. Would you mind pointing out where, please? I missed 2/3 of my rounds? 18 rounds fired, 16 hits, 12 penetrations. That's only 2 missed. I see that I failed to get damage on 2/3rds of my rounds, is that what you meant? Makes sense, thank you.
  4. ^^^Pretty much this. I do all sorts of crazy things for my live stream audience.
  5. This was probably my 10th battle in this tank and I wanted to get some pointers and tips overall as well as a review of my performance in this match. I took an early aggressive spotting position from the North Spawn to the Castle area on Erlenberg. Got a few spots and then got nervous and fell back a bit as I noticed my support was lacking. Once they started moving up an E 75 went full blown aggressive and I think got more spotting damage than I did...at least initially. I resumed my previous aggressive position and ended up scoring some decent spotting damage. I was able to conserve my H
  6. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "throwing away" a top tier tank, as I've not advocated for doing that at all.
  7. It can be either. I'm not too picky. I am surprised at how many think a match is imbalanced and yet it falls within the 10% variance (noted on the MM section of the Battle Mechanics page) after I run the numbers. Like, the two test battles I've done, one was at an -8.97% & -9.22% disparity (for total team MM weight comparison). The first one rebalanced at .75% and the second one 5.68% - which is still lower than what was started out.
  8. OH! Gotcha. Thank you for pointing that out.
  9. Did I not transcribe the Pz IVH correctly? If you look at the WoTLabs Expected Values Chart the closest match I could come up with was the Pz.Kpfw. IV hydrostat. (see line 6). Was that not right? I agree and that is currently one of the limitations noted. I am hoping my next iteration will be more robust in that it will respect those restrictions and class-matches per the rules of the MM noted on the wiki. Very true, and as stated above, I am hoping to be able to increase the algorithm's efficiency. Doing the programming inside the Excel cells is somewhat limiting. Hopefully I can branch
  10. If anyone is interested, I am working on a rebalancing algorithm for the current matchmaker. I would really like it if some of you math wizards could take a look at my ideas and provide feedback. Also, if anyone is up for running some tests or providing screen shots I would appreciate it. The Great MM Project The link above has the methods and limitations so far. Thanks all.
  11. I've been working on investigating something like this in my spare time for the past 3 weeks. I'm waiting on some data from Marius to establish a benchmark/baseline to work from. I can post my stuff here, if no one is objected to it, so that my methods can be scrutinized and possibly even corrected and improved upon.
  12. Oh? Excellent, I'll check them out. Thank you.
  13. I tried viewing this replay here at work, but for some reason it won't play. I'm really interested in seeing this too. I'll try again at home. ___ @TheMarine0341 I watched the two youtube vids and I learned quite a bit. I took out my Luchs & M5A1 Stuart last night to do some practice scouting (I figured the lower tiers might be better to start with since I'm still learning). Several times I was able to get close to and over 1k spotting damage, which I figured was pretty decent for a Tier IV LT. Session Results Battle Count: 28 Win Rate: 67.86% Survival: 35.71% Average Detected: 2.54 aD
  14. Thank you, I will see if I can get to any of these today. If not, I have tomorrow off of work and I'll be able to watch them then. There are a few times when I can do that, but I am still learning to hone that skill set. I am hoping the more I play with better habits and awareness, the more I'll learn to be able to track all that. I think I the firing lines is what I really need to learn. I remember hearing about that for the first time and about did a facepalm because that concept never entered my mind before...yet it was so logical and obvious. Ok, thank you for explaining that. When I
  15. @CraBeatOff I watched that T71 battle on Prok you posted. There were several times you were able to peak that ridge a lot further than I am ever able to do and get some nice shots off. This further reassures myself that I need to better practice with SA so that I know when it should be ok to peak like that. Usually when I try it, I get killed because there was one more flank I didn't take into account. There were several times I thought for sure you were going to get smacked for doing it...but you didn't. I noticed to spent some time trying to pen that E75, why? I mean only one hit for
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