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    T26E5 comes to EU!

    Yeah, it's great, I have fallen in love. I like Murican tanks and this thing is great.
  2. subotai

    T26E5: Making Freedom Great Again

    That thing is amazing, especially in hulldown...
  3. woot? that would be really bad. spershing with it's pen on t10 would be fail...
  4. subotai

    BAD BLOOD: CDC vs T-54P

    T54p all the way, CDC is fast, but paper thin and annoying as f*** with it's ammo rack, almost every hit you'll get ammo racked even when you'll get only detracked... :/
  5. subotai

    [EU] Kolni will expand his mentoring

    I would love to join for some mentoring. I rejoined WoT after long break and trying to get better in playing. I enjoy meds and lights though they tend to be less consistent. For some reason I have quite big problems with heavies... I'm trying not to rush to tier X but rather get good on the road with lower tiers. For meds I got available T20, A44 (which is damn not easy tank) and some premiums like t-54 prototype For LTs wz-131 (this one i love), amx 13 75, vk 28.01 For HT T32, AMX 50 100 TS and mic available :-)