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  1. I was just wondering if there is way to get the recent wn8 shown in game instead of the overall wn8 shown.. I think It would be better because then youd actually be seeing how the player is doing recently so you could maybe count on them or not count on them in battle... just a thought.. can you do that/have that? cause id rather use recents then overall..
  2. Hey guys so I've kinda gotten into making skins so I decided to make a Thread where I willl be posting my skins and other mods I Make Rudy Maus E100
  3. Hello Tankers! And Welcome to my Rudy Review! First off Reasons for this review: 1. After only having it for less then a day, I've already fallen in love with it getting 2 Ace tankers in just 10 Battles 2. Many People are wondering if the Bundle is worth the money and if Rudy is any good 3. Only Tank in the game that has a crew member that's not human. Alright now for the Review.. PROS Gun ~ 85mm with 180 Damage and OK Pen at 144 Speed~ 54 KM/H Forward and 20 KM
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