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  1. That you do zero damage and are at the bottom of the team should never stop you from whining at the top player who actually fought in the battle trying to carry your worthless azz.
  2. Shaming myself as just bad, and the rest of this team for I guess trying to make me look good? A normal WTF game I guess. Buff the IS-6?
  3. I do not suggest this as a good choice but I shocked myself by completing the StuG IV HT-15 mission in my A45 last night. Yeah, I am bragging - sorry. It was the best game my mediocre playing self ever had in the thing, blocked 3115 dmg thanks to bouncing a couple shots from an IS, a couple shots from an SU-152, a shot from an SU-100Y and some other smaller stuff too - leaving me at 62 health at the end. Good luck and a good team mate in an IS.
  4. Yeah, I had a mediocre game in my Easy 8, defending a weakly held flank I did not quite do my hp in damage to the Enemy. After the game, GordonForeman [PLSGO] helpfully messages me to tell me to kill myself, maybe drink bleach. I am guessing Gordon is about 12 years old. I notice that PLSGO hasd a requirement of "No WOTLABS Trash". Did somebody here steal their girlfriends?
  5. It worked for me. A Murmansk is sitting there in my boat garage ready for me to get sunk tonight. $1. Not a big risk.
  6. Right now the KV-3 and the KV-85 are both using the first 122 while the KV-3 grinds the top 122 and the KV-85 grinds the 100.
  7. It looks like people agree with this in landslide numbers. I'll run with it. Thanks!
  8. The evil marketing minions have had there way with me several times, but I did resist the IS-6/KV-220 deal. I am still wondering how drunk I was to have bought the TOG.... Of course there was no resistance to the Berlin Foursome.
  9. I took advantage of the Soviet Steel discounts and moved up into the KV-85 and the KV-3. Now I just need to know which guns work best on these things. I like a big alpha as much as anybody but long. long reloads can be an issue. I'm not a sniper hang back kind of tank driver, I prefer in your face, up front supporting or flank supporting as fits the situation and vehicle. Thanks in advance for your advice
  10. I do have battle % turned off until after the battle but it does help a bit in predicting behavior. I like a lot of the stuff, mimimap and garage mods in it. I just have the basics from XVM. Maybe I should turn off the player rating (I have it showing 4 digit WN8) too so I don't know how horrible that whiny-bitch (Noob Team! - after dying with 37 pts of damage in game) dead person is? I probably don't need it to know how bad a whiny bitch dead person is... But how do these people suck so bad to have 5000 games and a WN8 of 37? (4 digit scale) Update: Just turned off all player stats.
  11. I am not a great player by any stretch of the sober imagination (I was pretty good a tank god this afternoon platooning with Jose Cuervo...) but I finally installed XVM and especially in tier 5 games I am wondering how people have low two digit WN8 ratings. How can you have several thousand games, play up through 5 - 7 tiers and have a two digit WN8 rating? In many tier 5 games I am one of the top few players by WN8 rating. Holy shit. How can everybody be below average? On the positive side, I moved my WinRate up a bit more and my WN8 continues its slow climb.
  12. Crommy wasn't life for 9 of those red tanks. Very nice. Looks like HellOnWheels is looking for a date. Of course anybody could do that using the Radar hack mods...
  13. I just had it explained to me that baseline sniping is a great way to play a Cromwell. Sitting behind bushes at the baseline waiting for the enemy to come to cap. This guy has almost 9000 games in a Cromwell so he is an expert. I just thought you'd like to know because many people here are under the impression that mobility is important in Cromwells. Here's the guy who whined that I asked him to move off the baseline and do something. "Have you ever driven a Cromwell?" Hit him up to help improve your Cromwell camping...
  14. So if I keep the vents and rammer and there is an equipment sale this weekend, what is the best choice for the third slot for an active pushing player? GLD, Optics, just use my Toolbox? I have swapped the Binocs for the toolbox since those are sitting in depot for use. The tank is very good and I hope to be a semi-worthy M6 driver eventually - the advice here is helping.
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