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  1. I might need a tune up...I have been around 3000-3300 avg for 60days...Would like to break the 4K barrier
  2. I am a firm believer that watching video is the best way to improve. Finding someone who understands the game and positioning and toon up with them is much preferred over pubbing it solo.
  3. Lemmings, SmyleeRage and Zeven's streams and YouTube videos have helped me immensely I'm still a scrub
  4. I'm not the grammar police, but I did notice....
  5. Ha.....I think he is running a Pentium 133 Not there is anything wrong with that,,,,lol
  6. Thank you!!!! Some of those pictures look more like Minecraft than WOT...lol o7 woobycat
  7. What resources on the web would you recommend to a nub to get general info on basic map placement? o7 woobycat
  8. Thank you SmyleeRage!!!! Enjoyed the two hours....Looking forward to the next session I like your common sense approach, and your thinking outside of the box mentality. I have been consistently in the 2500K mark since our sessions. I have a lot more to learn than I thought to get to the next level, but think with more tune-ups the curve might not take as long and as brutally painful..lol o7, amigo woobycat
  9. All good stuff, thank you for sharing. I am just learning patience, and not blindly bolting to a known G-spot. Trying to let things unfold at first and then move to where I think I can be most useful...Its a fine line holding back, and not leaving damage on the table
  10. I have learned watching video of the better players, and I am taking less damage and staying alive longer in matches. Keeping the gun active as long as possible really seems to work, who woulda thunk..lol What I really need now, is finding someone to run with who can show me how to set up better before each match. What you purple people look at on the map at the beginning of the game, and where you tend to go on certain maps for advantageous positioning. learning to flex at the right time is still not clicking for me. I have moved to mediums, breaking out of my comfort zone of having more armor. If there are any takers out there to mentor me along in my journey to be a better player, I would appreciate it Regards, and o7 woobycat
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