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    2. Lilsaah


      What I am most astonished by is the fact that many of the old people who voted to leave did it "to make their country great again". Which part of leaving the EU will suddenly make UK great again? Scotland and Northern Ireland getting independent? 

    3. GehakteMolen


      Direct democracy about complex issues is retarded, people sare stupid (see wot, where the average player is like 30... (yes 30, not 15, those red regarding retards are 30 year olds)

      Politicians are ofc also scumbags, but you can vote them away, and otherwise chanhe the system (like dunno, ban lobbying? forbid politicians for working for companys when hey quit? and so on...)

      I guess the brits now want to backtrack, but i guess the rest of the EU wants them out asap, kinda ironic, the EU wants them in, the UK wants out, now the UK is out the EU wants them out asap and the UK wants to ``negiotiate``...

    4. hiipanda


      So many people going against direct democracy, but it was a elected delegate that included direct democracy in his election platform.


      Smart person allows stupid people to have a choice, people blame stupid people for being stupid. Its like they couldn't see this would be the outcome.


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