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    2. Xen


      @ZXrage You cannot expect a perfect match. Yes, Trump appears to have a strange stance on climate change (does he elaborate on that anywhere? All I can find are a bunch of tweets). But everybody else, be it a presidential candidate in this years election, a former president or presidential candidate, or other high-ranking politicians in the world, have also said or done some outrageous things. Look at Breadline Bernie or Crooked Hillary. I am not on the same page as Trump on climate change, but at the same time it is not one of my priorities, so it's easy for me to accept. 

    3. ZXrage


      @Xen He said he would back out of the Paris climate deal, so I'm inclined to believe he really doesn't believe it. I really do wish the rabid liberals would calm down and read up on what he actually wants.

      A shame we couldn't find a better balance between Shillary and Drump.

    4. deathmachine16


      All the liberals that have been protesting at his rallies have only helped his campaign. They feed the fear that his supporters are being attacked  

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