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  1. Wow man, I really don't like the music Lil Wayne makes, but he's based as fuck.


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    2. Xen


      @neziho I don't know when "after Carter 3" is, but he has been one of my go to example of shitty hiphop for as long as I can remember. lol 

    3. neziho


      @XenThat's a bit unfair if you take his older discography into account. If you really want to hear some good music from him listen to Da Drought 3 for really good wordplay and Carter 3 for his best production. Though his voice is an acquired taste IMO, so you might not like his music anyway.

      Though I agree that his newer music is pretty shit and that's just because he stopped caring after he reached his goal of fame.

    4. Xen


      Carter 3 is from 2008. I had him classified as garbage for longer than that, I think. :P I will definitely go download Carter 3 and try to give him a fair shot. Maybe it's just because I never really have. :) 

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