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  1. Sometimes I love the internet. h3h3productions, a huge youtuber with 2.6m subs, made two videos on the crazy SJW from the Hugh Mungus video. In the 2nd video, he talked about Hugh Mungus having cancer and advertised for his fundraiser. Petty butthurt SJWs managed to get the fundraiser removed from youcaring. They stooped as low as to try to effectively kill a cancer patient. Fucking wow. He had raised 1k on his old fundraiser last time I checked. His goal was 10k.

    What did he do? Hugh Mungus started another fundraiser at gofundme. The result? His fans donated a boatloads of cash, within 10h he got 30k in donations. Checkmate SJWs, beaten by the glorious patriarchy once again. I love my fellow shitlords.

    1. Vetro


      Hugh didn't make the fundraiser, it was H3H3. Hugh never mentioned his health issues and even asked people to donate to charities without mentioning his problems. Pretty cool guy. 

    2. Xen


      Oh, thanks for the correction. Also, it's at 50k now. https://www.gofundme.com/hugh-mungus

    3. FreddBoy


      2016 will hopefully be the turning point in the eventual destruction of the SJW menace.

      Fuck those petty, vindictive cunts all the way to memeageddon and back.

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