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  1. European Union's Terror Emergency Guide


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    2. breeeze


      I was about to post a sensible reply to Xen, but looking at that last post I'm just gonna stop.

      Some people cannot be reasoned with...

    3. Strigonx


      I see no logic in blatantly denying their crimes because you're afraid to

      • Hurt their fweewings
      • Being called a rayciss muhsogyknees



    4. hall0


      Think I have to check wotlabs more often, as my only notifications I get right now are anwers from Xens status updates. But hey, time to read all and not just Xens opening post :doge2:

      Funny to see the 2015s new year is called bad police work. I am pretty sure they have done it like they have done it every time in the past years, and it worked. At least I can`t recall any news from mass raping etc during this time in cologne. So something had changed from 2014 and before to 2015. And some will say, they police should have adapted their program to the new "threads" or what ever you want to call it. But why should they have done it? The overall public opinion made by the media was "all refugees are peaceful and engineers and doctors". If they would have done something they would have been called racists. As you can see now. They checked the problematic group this year and we having a debate about how racist the police is. Oh this poor Nafris :(

       To say it was bad police work, means you have to say not all refugees are peaceful and several are a threat to the public safety. Basically what every right wing guy said. 

      We gave up some of our safety. Instead of the normal 50? (made up number as I don't know the exact number) this year we had over 1000 policeman in and around Colognes train station area.  Is this what Germany is now, every time there is a big event we need 10 times as much policeman and security as before? Gj.

      Sure thing. Germany did not become an anarchic shit hole and it is still very, very unlikely to die or get hurt in a terrorist attack. But to get the same level of security it seems we need now much more police. 


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