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  1. Apparently, kidnapping and torturing a white disabled trump supporter and livestreaming it to facebook for an hour while yelling "fuck white people" and "fuck donald trump" is not a racist hate crime. What has this world come to? Imagine the roles were reversed. Wow.


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    2. FreddBoy


      Proof, if any was needed, that the massive, massive hypocrisy and double standards from people claiming to be discriminated against 24/7 doesn't apply if THEY are doing it.

      Utter, utter cunts.

    3. Jesse_the_Scout


      Jesus fucking Christ, Xen. I just read this article elswhere. 1, they are charging it as a hate crime, whether or not "hate crimes" should even be a thing being a separate issue. 2, there was ZERO mention of a "Trump supporter", and common fucking sense should tell you an 18 year old mentally disabled person could not even be a "Trump supporter" because he doesn't have the mental capacity for any political affiliation. 3, what exactly the fuck are you even going for with this kind of bullshit? They committed crimes, and will be charged and punished. People do shitty things. PEOPLE do shitty things. Races don't do shitty things. Every one is an individual, every one is responsible for their own actions. I don't know what the fuck fantasy goes on in your head that you dream of some kind of race war or what the hell ever, but leave the rest of us who believe in people being judged by their own actions and not the actions of others who vaguely look like them out of it.

      What would happen if the roles were reversed? Every one would be disgusted, and they'd go to prison, just as will happen now.

    4. Xen



      1. That changed. The police initially reported they did not believe there was racist motivation and last time I checked they were still being ambiguous about it.

      2. Initial reports suggested he was a (perceived) Trump supporter. They said "fuck donald trump" repeatedly anyway, making clear what exactly their acts are directed at.

      3. That's a very simplistic world view. Of course everyone is an individual and of course everyone should be judged individually. The point is that we are not applying the same standards to people of varying skin colours. That's why the situation would be way different if the roles were reversed. I have no idea where you think I said anything judgemental about black people based on their race in general. All I am saying is that they're clearly getting very preferential treatment by the police and the media if saying the N word or not using the preferred pronouns are racist and transphobic hate crimes for white men, but torturing somebody while saying "fuck white people" is not racist. 

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