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  1. I'd say only diehard autists give a shit anymore so obv the standards rise
  2. People are too dumb, too lazy, and often both to even try to lead a thought of their own. If a person they like and follow says something and it does not appear to be totally wrong to said lazy and dumb people at first glance they will agree and go with it. Pretty simple, I'd say.
  3. I think it will be less frustrating for both arty players as well as their targets but arty will be even more annoying to play against. I kinda like it. It's not a useless grief machine anymore, it's relatively reliable support.
  4. Reported this thread to the FBI for animal abuse, fucking turbomeanies.
  5. Wow, Big Joe is such an Uncle Tom. I love him. 


    1. BiggieD61


      It's gotta be painful to hear this for our dedicated snowflakes .....

    2. Medjed


      God bless his huge heart....that bitch should go wash that dirty skank mop on her head....hopefully it would wash off some of the idiocy off of her mind

    3. nemlengyel


      @BiggieD61 the biggest snowflakes are on the other side :P 

  6. fuck the UN?



    1. Folterknecht


      or why France and Germany should leave NATO, create a core europe with a shared military and just concentrate on good relations with their neighbours - no Putin isn't that scary.

    2. Medjed


      they can't even deal with fucking immigrants let alone do something on their own like creating an alliance w/o murrica

  7. #MAGA



    1. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      Is that Mike "LGBTQ BBQ" Pence?

    2. Xen


      Yes, that's Mike "Taze the Gays" Pence.

  8. 1st random session in forever: just above 50% wins and 2k WN8. top fucking kek I'm shit 

    1. BPX


      implying anything has changed

      K A P P A

  9. I'm really starting to like PewDiePie. He's my favourite neonazi.


    1. Megumin


      PewDiePie in 2017:jebaited:

    2. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      B R O F I S T I N G 


    3. Siimcy


      B R O F I S T :jebaited: 

  10. I don't think so. Check the thread on the official World of Tanks forums for up to date requirements. I forgot to update this post here IIRC.
  11. get fucked, fam


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    2. TheMostComfortableTanker


      I think you may have missed the part where I said regardless of political leanings, going full autism over memes is never good.  I'd hope all of us here are smart enough to not get our news from shitposts.  You're going to give yourself a heart attack and die early if you spend this much effort trying to fact check every shitpost you come across.

    3. Xen




      >  I know it is circumstantial but generally there is a negative correlation with the arrival of immigrants and crime rates


      Do you really believe that? What do you think is the logic behind that? Because for it to work that way seems entirely illogical to me. 


      Xen didn't post this status update to engage in discussion or convince anyone, he was just going wide beam inflammatory for the hell of it. I was taking to task for being trying to get a rise out of people with a characterisation of immigrants that isn't representative of general reality.

      It's a meme, fam. It's not meant to make an elaborate point. It's 50:50 shitposting and a good point. 


      Mexican migrants to America being less likely to be convicted of crimes than the American average

      I am pretty sure that's an american phenomenon because your national crime rates are insanely high. Among the highest in the world. It's really hard for anyone to make it even worse. I do think poor and uneducated immigration feeds the cancer that is crime in the USA and keeps it stronger than it would otherwise be, though. 


      I don't read German, but do your incarceration stats differentiate between people who immigrated from outside the eu and those that immigrated from within?

      Yes, I think there are, but you have to dig a bit more and do the maths and illustrations yoruself, because the government won't make it that obvious. Somebody listed all of the crime rates per nationality per capita. That way you can see and compare which kinds of people tend to cause more trouble than others. Of course, that image is discredited as right-wing propaganda spam. Inconvenient truths. 

      Generally speaking, the greater the cultural and economic difference, the greater the crime potential. "Yellow" asians tend to be very unproblematic. Africans and middle easterners are a pain in the arse. The balkan states are shit, too (fuck the EU for expanding too far that direction).


    4. GlenoWar



      Thanks for putting in the effort there Xen, I actually appreciate it, even despite the original shitpost rubbing me up the wrong way. I'll bow out of the discussion now!


      Yeah I shouldn't have gotten caught up. I was just about to shutdown after you typical quality evening of tanks to see whats new in the world of wotlabs latest activity when Xens status update was the first thing listed.

  12. I could watch this all day. We need more of this, America.


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    2. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      Can we have neither pls, I would preffer to not have the street filled with modern day brownshirts and militarized police. 

    3. hallo1994
    4. mereelskirata


      Good to see my local police doing their job :^)

  13. Remember when The Guardian wasn't buzzfeed-tier?


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    2. An_Arty_Player_Hits_You


      i dont even know who the parody acocunt is even parodying....

    3. Xen


      its political satire of libtards 

    4. BiggieD61


      It's kinda of an Emo Gordon Freeman, change the text to "Head Crabs" and it all makes perfect sense ....


  14. CNN's got their tinfoil hats on. How deep can they go?


    1. Folterknecht


      No wonder the term "Lügenpresse" is that popular these days.

    2. Xen


      It's popular because it's true.

  15. Daddy has Milo's back. SHIT JUST GOT REAL! #DefundSocialJustice


    1. BiggieD61


      Most college students here in the US acquire ridiculous amounts of debt to the government in the form of student loans - the tuition fees which increase every year by a noticeable percentage have not been used to improve the abilities and skills of our graduates compared to the rest of the world, but to finance bloated administrations and ridiculously payed hordes of professors for functionally worthless courses - looking at you "Women's" and "People of Color" studies.  Cut off the student loan guarantees to any University that is found to be anti free speech and watch the administration of that school drop the hammer on it's students.  Everyone at Berkeley is a Happy Liberal until it infringes on their ability to afford their daily Mocha Latte from Starbucks ....

      Money talks.

  16. TFW this hits too close to home.


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