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  1. Very nice. Try this: let a brush sized dab of sliver paint dry out until it becomes just a bit less pure liquid/runny. Slightly gooy is good. Now dab a clean brush in it. Next, use tissue or dry cloth to bad it off the brush. So, you now have VERY LITTLE silver paint, that is a bit dried out, on your bush. Run the brush over textured areas of the tank that are supposed to be mettle. Track links, hatches that are grabbed and used a lot etc. It leaves very little silver on high contour areas.... more of a 'mettle look'. Also, actually paint silver some areas of extra wear. Have fu
  2. I have a few recent new nvidia cards and find they run surprisingly hot. I also wonder is win 10 interferes with their bios temp monitoring algorithms and make them run hotter than they are supposed to. I use both EVGA and ASUS overclocking utilities to creat new 'fan profiles' that are more aggressive at cooling than the basic profiles. Give this a go....
  3. Life is pretty sweet here in Aus, so I guess I will just keep nailing it! PS - I do a lot with Java, JavaScript, PERL and C++. No way am I spending next year updating my code library to conform with C# syntax!
  4. It could be anything. It could be related to the removal of the CPU heat sink or perhaps you loosened a hard drive cable. I would recommend very carefully re seating all cables. Plus, it is worth checking your bios to see if your boot device is defined properly (ex ide vs raid vs etc). If your computer is more than 4 years old, maybe the bios backup battery is dead and the extended unplug for cleaning reset some bios values to default. good luck!
  5. Um, you're doing great! A win rate of 2/7 is nothing to get worried about. The sample size is way too small! Platoon to get some purple HTs on your team, and you are home free!
  6. 1. Is the computer plugged in? 2. Is the computer turned on? if you've done everything else right, prolly bad controller.....
  7. Reading text books is a great idea. You are obviously highly motivated. It's also good to take constructive steps towards an end goal. What is your end goal? If your end goal is just self education, Wikipedia will get you pretty far.... GL on your journey....
  8. 1. Point your SPG at the closest body of water. 2. Pres RR.
  9. Nice pics, but the buildings are a bit old, I wouldn't swim in that water and the Grrl has way too many clothes on! From an Australian perspective....
  10. TomsHardware provides a good recent overview of all available cards in your budget range: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gaming-graphics-card-review,3107-3.html Cheers
  11. MaximumPC says ati r9 270 is the best at the level you are looking at. Less than $200....
  12. Visit MaximumPC and see what they currently recommend for a budget and mid- priced graphics card. If I was on a budget, the lowest card I would shop for would be a gtx 970. If you can find one on special, ou would be worth scraping together a bit more cash. It will last longer for newer games.
  13. No WoT but still poasting in forums? It is true then, as you get older, you lose your ability to perform so you start watching others. Hearing gone too? As a Sys Des Eng, maybe at work you have also stopped designing cool things and now you just manage others? Don't worry, as you enfeebled more, you will lose all concept of time and place. Life will become one never ending warm sponge bath.....
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