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  1. It all lines up now with the latest update by XVM as of last night or this morning.
  2. Thanks for the idea, but it doesn't help, I've tried it at least a dozen times and yes, I've played maybe 50 games across them.
  3. I had noticed that a little while ago when XVM added the other metrics to the settings on their site, but I've verified that it's WN8. Pretty sure it's because of the 4 new prem tanks I've been playing with.
  4. Yea, I did buy myself the quartet for my birthday, seems like that may be the cause then. I thought XVM was pretty good with that stuff, but it shows what I know, haha. Sorry for the "new thread every day" post, but a quick search didn't turn up much, most likely because I'm tired and couldn't think of more than "wn8 discrepancy" to search for. Thanks for the help though.
  5. Hello all, sorry if this isn't exactly the right place for this, but it seemed like a good place to start. I'm Tronyx and have been playing tanks for over a year now, but just recently started getting into WoTLabs, XVM, and working on my WN8. Recently, seemingly within the last couple updates of XVM, I'm seeing a discrepancy between my WN8 on WoTLabs and in game. Currently, WoTLabs shows 948, but in game it shows 1015. I've tried reinstalling XVM a couple times (even uninstalling WoT), but I'm still seeing the inconsistency with my WN8. Everything else, IE: WR, match up perfectly though. Any ideas? Thanks, Tronyx