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  1. So since unlocking the top gun and switching to vents this has gone from borderline ragequit status to possibly my favorite tank. I don't have mods or any session tracking to confirm but I'm pretty sure the past 2 days since the upgrade I've been in the 2.5-3k dpg range and boosted my WR from like 40% to 56%. What I thought "sniping" was before, I've been doing it all wrong this tank is a fantastic opportunist and flanker. If you are patient and wait for no guns to be pointed at you you will be richly rewarded. Open maps are actually more difficult in my limited experience, and you can actually brawl surprisingly well if you flank and watch reloads and understand that you will never bounce a shot in your life.

  2. So I have a question about how to play this tank on city maps such as ruinberg. Obviously the ideal is to chai snipe so that your HT-like camo doesn't cause problems but when that's not possible do you recommend going to "heavy" areas and just poking on reloads or is there something else you can do? It seems that if you go places like field on ruinberg or sigfried line etc. then you just have to hide behind a building the entire game because as soon as you poke you're spotted.

    I'm borderline debating dropping optics in favor of vents since you can't outspot anything anyway.

  3. Hey guys

    So I've been trying to work on fixing some issues with my game that have come up in the past couple of months. Around like october/novemberish I was pulling light blue recents of like 1800/55% and around thanksgiving I took a break due to some RL stuff and didn't play for probably a month and then since then I have been terrible. I've had some good games here and there but I've been playing way worse and I'm stuck in this rut where every time I log in I play a couple of games badly and then I log off again because I don't want to keep playing if I'm not playing my best which is a rule I made for myself a while ago that worked really well for me.

    I have gotten the advise from several people to stick to one tank and focus on that one which has worked for me in the past. This time it just seems like whenever I do that I keep getting into bad situations in that tank and win like 1/6 games before I get mad and go play something else which I know is not happening. So bottom line I know that I need to just get though that and let myself re-learn some things that have clearly regressed. So I am looking for some help picking a tank that will serve me well to get my play back to where it was like 6 months ago.

    Skills that I need to work on:

    Map awareness: both deployment and also flexing


    aiming:specifically leading shots or shooting on the move/poking ridges etc not fully aimed shots


    I know it's tried and true to play heavies to boost WR and whatnot but I feel like I need to play more of the map because when I have played heavies lately it seems like I'm just always spotted from places I don't remember being able to get spotted from and a lot of the spots I used to use are not working for me because my awareness is not what it was. So I think I'm probably looking for a medium so that I can practice adapting do different situations which I used to be a lot better at.

    So heres some tanks:


    T9:Type 61, Cent7/1, ST-I (none of these have their top gun if that affects anything)

    T8: STA-2, T-34-3 (my most played tank ever if that affects anything), JT88, T26e5, FV4204, 110, obj 416, IS-3, T-34-2 (I thnink these are all elited)

    T7: Panther/M10, E25, IS-2B, ISU-122S, FV201(A45), Type 62, T-34-1, AMX 12t(I know this is t6 technically but it gets the same MM)


    And I don't really want to go any lower than that because I feel like the game is just different at lower tiers and I don't really want to develop any habits that aren't relevant to the high tier meta.

    So there it is. Any help would be appreciated.

    TL;DR: I need one tank from this list to focus on playing exclusively to get some practice and work on map awareness, vision, reading the battle and flexing as well as generally finding ways to win games.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. I think I have the same mouse. It has a button that decreased DPI when held yes? If not I apologise for misremembering but I recommend a mouse with this setting to anyone. I used to have terrible aim and now I feel my aim is merely average (or "above average to good" compared to the majority of wot players but let's be honest that's not saying anything) but the mouse made a huge difference. I hate playing with low sensitivity in general but when I can lower it significantly while aiming it makes a huge difference in being able to aim with precision.

    Now I don't think about my aiming anymore unless I take a bad shot here and there and only focus on making good decisions in the battle which I'm still terrible at XD

    So tl;Dr: if you have the mouse I think you do try learning to make use of that thumb button and if not then I recommend looking into a mouse that can do that.

  5. Shoot sieds of tenk komrades.

    I'm not saying this thing isn't op as hell but I doubt it performs better than the t26e5. It's just going to piss you off more if you still use Xvm because complete potatoes will be able to perform in it.

  6. Just stop playing whenever you're even a little bit tilted and go take a walk or something. The only thing personal reserves can do to negatively impact your results is make you want to play longer than you should to "get the most out of them" which is counter productive. If you just stop when you aren't in a good state of mind regardless of reserves there shouldn't be a problem.

  7. Type 59: 15 
    WZ-111: 19 
    112: 22
    T-34-3: 12 
    59-Patton: 2 
    FCM 50 t: 19
    M4A1 Rev.: 29
    AMX M4 49 (Liberté): 23
    leKpz M41 90mm:  21
    Skorpion G: 24
    Panther 88: 20
    Löwe:  30:  
    Pz. 58 Mutz (Black): 21
    STA-2: 25 
    FV4202 (P): 2
    M46 KR: 21
    T26E5 (Patriot): 26 +1 = 27  I had really wanted to give my vote to the t-34-3 because it is my comfort tank (lel) and I didn't want to see it go too soon, but this thing is just too damn good. Basically any game you load into you are guaranteed to make a strong impact unless you make major mistakes. And if you're top tier? forget about it. This thing feels like the 15 year old who got held back playing in little league and blasting home runs off of little children. RRR->take everyone's lunch money->profit.
    IS6  (Black): 4
    KV-5: 20 -3 = 17  Hear me out, the kv5 is really really awesome and I think it might have been better than the is-6 at one time (or maybe it still is I don't know) but fact of the matter is that with the buffs/newer prems coming out this once bully just gets its shit kicked in in a straight up brawl vs the m4-49, t26e5 or the new 112 to name a few examples, and that's not even going into the surprisingly legit crop of mediums we have now or the trolltastic skorpion G. Bottom line, the kv-5 has been power creeped badly and cannot be recommended unless you just love it and don't care that it's not your "best" option.
    T-44-100: 22
    T34: 11
    T26E4: 19

  8. On 2/13/2017 at 6:57 AM, Tankthief said:

    You are the only decent player in the team. The game is 7x5 and you are playing well. You die, the games ends 8x15 loss.


    How common is that for you guys? I see that alot.


    YES. I'm sure this happens less than it feels like it does but I had a game last night on fjords in my STA-1. 2.5k dmg and only had a 1 shot proto and arty left and a type 4 heavy a liberte on my team with near full hp and then a rhoomba with like 300. I knew the proto was lurking mid so I didn't want to go after the arty since I would need to go past him and potentially get shot in the back so I went after him first.

    poked the corner, baited the shot, aimed....800dmg arty hit gg

    needless to say the type 4 and the liberte couldn't seal the deal....

  9. 8 minutes ago, xtc4 said:

    I'm not sure that I understand. I don't think that you are writing about too few tanks going east. I think that you are writing about tanks going east, but not covering all of the levels. (There's basically 3 different levels in the east, each of which has cover from reds in the adjoining level if they are not peeking.) I haven't noticed any trends in that regard. It is probably just pubbies randomly deciding whether to go low or go high, without seeing that their choice may cause them to get flanked.

    Yes this is exactly what I'm talking about. Sounds like it is just luck of the draw. If a mod wants to delete the thread I don't mind. Game is just especially snowbally today.

  10. The past 5 games I have played on Steppes south spawn barely commits to East and hangs out on the high ground until North spawn comes sweeping thru and forces them to relocate inevitably leading to a loss. If you go down into the low road to contest that area you get mobbed because you're the only one. This tactic is far too stupid to last a long time but I'm wondering if there is some reasoning behind it or if anyone has seen the same thing? I get that people like to snipe from G9 across but if you don't contest the 0 line then you will only get a few shots off before you have to relocate and inevitably depend completely on your heavies coming back to be able to hold North off.

    I could just be raging but I have seen this really consistently lately and I'm just trying to understand it.

    PS I tried to make a picture of what I'm talking about but I'm a forum tomato and can't figure out how to attach it.

  11. A serious improvement that I've said for a while that would at least help with part of the problem is removing arty view range so it can only proxy spot or at least reducing it drasticly.

    This wouldn't help all cases but would at least eliminate those instances when all you need to do is destroy an arty and it outspots you and kills you. I understand this would take some fun out of playing arty but this annoys me even more than getting one shotted doing normal things.

    I wouldn't even mind if arty became more consistently useful in other ways but if it's the only vehicle on a team I think it's reasonable that it would be useless.

  12. Rekt.

    Definitely use equipment rather than freexping tracks, but otherwise I don't have much advise since I played the caern first so the only think I had to freexp was the turret and then I was playing a mostly elited tank.

    Quite frankly, I'm not having any issues with this grind (Please smite me now wot gods) but if you're just starting it and having trouble it might be an idea to just wait for the new patch since the dpm and mobility are getting major buffs which will make it a lot nicer to play.

  13. 3 hours ago, Rin_ said:

    He did say he liked ridge fighting and one of his requirements was brawling. The 416 isn't really the best at either of those in the same way his Pershing is. I'm still thinking he'll enjoy it because of the godly gun handling and unreal camo values though.

    Yeah fair enough.

    I mean, if there really was a perfect med it would be bad for game balance obviously  so there is no real right answer here.

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