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  1. So, I have both of them commanders from Twitch loot, Starlight and Maeve. Both are supposed to have custom voice-overs. Is there some simple trick I am missing since both just spout the gibberish of the nation they are assigned. I have the "commander" setting turned on. Don't tell me they have to be assigned to Uk or US tanks for the voices to work...

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    2. Kalaq


      Ok, thanks. Someone on EU forums wrote that she has, guess he was wrong and got my hopes up.

    3. hall0


      Never trust pubies on official Forums. :xun:

    4. Kalaq


      The risk I took was calculated, but I am bad at math.

  2. You know that vague concept where they tell you about growth etc? Found a perfect way to measure it, for myself: instead of raging at the game and it's core mechanics like rng, I nowadays rage at myself for playing like shit. It is not less depressing but atleast I get to feel that rage infused euphoria every so often.

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    2. ikitai


      That is the best attitude. You certainly won't improve by raging at some random who didn't do what you hoped or expected. I try to keep your perspective, but it can be hard.

    3. Fulcrous


      Find Zen by not playing wot

    4. Kalaq


      It wasn't just a couple of games, it was like a week long streak of me playing bad. It was an unholy combination of stock tanks and being bad (rng didn't help). Every single tank I started to grind about a week ago have now sub 50% winrate. With Pantera p44 it's something like 35%... and my recent winrate is barely over 50%.  It will get better, just need to get myself back to the level I was in 2017 and keep doing less stupid shit. 

  3. I bought this tank recentley and I'm ready to ragesell the tank and commit sudoku. How are you supposed to play this thing? This tank doesn't seem to have anything workable, except when you get lucky being top tier and facing tier 7's. Granted, I only got the suspension unlocked. Does this tank get any better once "fully upgraded"? The gun is shit. Low pen, shots go everywhere between moon and a black hole, skill-ammo pen is bad, HE is bad. Armor, well it does work sometimes but mostly I feel I am just 2000hp's worth of xp to enemy. Most of the time I am either too slow to join up the fig
  4. Don't mind me joining in.. I reinstalled the game after 3 year hiatus. Got way too much useless but must-be-present zoom-meetings for school so I decided might aswell do something "fun" while at it. Been playing for like 2 weeks now. This has been quite a shock: Maps have changed, a lot. Of course I went full siema like the game was 2016 and found stuff that wasn't there, died. GG. New maps so I just drive around and see where you die faster and where you die not-so-fast. Also, the game feels like it's become a campfest. Really passive playing. Not one or two times I've seen top tiers cam
  5. Hello everyone. I don't want to turn this into a long story so I will try to keep this short. My improvement has been steady for a long while but I've hit a wall. I can't seem to play on a consistent level. It is either a really good game or a total failure. There seems to be no middle road. So I begun to search for all kind of sources for improvement and found this site. My biggest downfall right now seems to be my newly aquired tier 10's. Yeah, I got my first tier 10 after 15k battles. Never felt the need to play cw's and didn't feel I'd be ready to carry my weight earlier so I just
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