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  1. You know that vague concept where they tell you about growth etc? Found a perfect way to measure it, for myself: instead of raging at the game and it's core mechanics like rng, I nowadays rage at myself for playing like shit. It is not less depressing but atleast I get to feel that rage infused euphoria every so often.

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    2. ikitai


      That is the best attitude. You certainly won't improve by raging at some random who didn't do what you hoped or expected. I try to keep your perspective, but it can be hard.

    3. Fulcrous


      Find Zen by not playing wot

    4. Kalaq


      It wasn't just a couple of games, it was like a week long streak of me playing bad. It was an unholy combination of stock tanks and being bad (rng didn't help). Every single tank I started to grind about a week ago have now sub 50% winrate. With Pantera p44 it's something like 35%... and my recent winrate is barely over 50%.  It will get better, just need to get myself back to the level I was in 2017 and keep doing less stupid shit. 

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