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  1. Recent wn8: 4.5k, just playing e50 and e50m with 3.3 and 3.6k avg.
  2. I'd have a few a43 replays, but they are from last patch I think, not sure tho.
  3. So, what's the nonshitty clanlogo?
  4. It's just the tank, it sucks. No other reason.
  5. Gld, vents rammer camo for optimal performance
  6. Just spam heat in su152 with the derp and profit...
  7. Can't check stats now from phone, but what's up with the low survival rates, I have like 49 and I don't camp at all. Edit: Battles: 21121 Confederate: 984 Top gun: 417 Sr: 49%
  8. Yes, cgc New master race after 8.11!
  9. I splash with cgc for 1.2k regularly. Nothing to cry about.
  10. Quite easy to tell, he played a lot of his games on arty.
  11. Actually, the best thing to learn this game is to read a lot about the mechanics and also watch a lot of videos by good players about the tank you are about to unlock. Then just play a few randoms to practice what you learned from the videos. If you've done that, find a good platoon and play with them like 1k games or even more. Then just practice in hightier solo again. Russian videos are the best probably, because u need to find out yourself why they are doing certain maneuvers.
  12. With light tanks camp the Bush at d7 and spot their hill. later move on to the hill and proxy them up there.
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