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  1. Use the superflags for grinding free xp instead, you could easily get 30-40k+ free xp per game on average by grinding some of the operations with all the xp/fxp flags and supercamo equipped.
  2. no. https://tanks.gg/tank/leopard-1/stats?cs=leopard-pt-a
  3. Only tier for tier, the Leopard 1 hasmore health, better gun handeling, more DPM , slightly better gundepression and more viewrange. If the tanks had the same MM the Leo1 would be considered superior. As for the Chung Mu vs YueYang the situation is different as it would now be considered a sidegrade at best, a downgrade at worst even if they were at the same tier as you lose quite a lot for very little gain.
  4. Probably to make it stand out from the other 10 million 120mm guns at high tier, though 440 alpha doesn't seem excessivly high for a 120mm gun or rather 400 alpha is quite low amount of alpha damage considering where the high tier 105mms and the Russian high tier 122mms sit. Alpha damage is an arbitrary number to begin with and It's not like alpha damage differences for the same calibre already exist in the game (128mm guns go from 440 to 560 damage, 122mm guns from 350 to 440, 76mm guns from 110 to 170...)
  5. The armor values are most likely gonna be almost identical to the T95/Chiftain that has already been in the game files for years as it is the same tank, just reannounced for some stupid reason. As for armor values you should always take them with a grain of salt with anything that is more complex than a Tiger-II-esque wedge. The IS-7 for example is listed as having 150mm side armor even though 90% of it is covered in 100mm. As for the T95-hull even though the old T95/Chiftain also has listed a 114mm frontal armor protection only a very tiny flat armor zone in front of the drive
  6. It gets APCR as premium (most likely). Considering the hull armor is trash (Object 140 level of upper plate, shit unless you use your gundepression plus it can penetrate its own lower plate with HESH...) you are probably better off playing a WZ-11 or 277 unless it gets some insane softstats.
  7. Well technically they did use one of the already existing versions: https://tanks.gg/tank/t95chieftain/model?vm=visual The hull/turret are the same for both tanks albeit with some small visual differences. The only thing they changed were some random stats and maybe they fixed the retarded side armor of the T95 hull (some parts of the side can riccochet 183mm AP, some get overmatched by 100mm guns)
  8. Ehh, it was a shity version of the T-54 even before they buffed it.
  9. Quality questions always deserve quality answers as far as I am concerned.
  10. You can always play other tank lines to keep up your WN8-level. In any case should you continue to play polish tanks our comimitee would like to offer you their thanks in assisting the good cause of droping the average WN8-level back down to a more reasonable level. -Fabunil, purple poaster/representative of the wotlabs WN8-commitee
  11. You see the problem is that due to powercreep WN8 has become an inaccurate tool to measure ones skill in the game since it is nowadays a lot easier to achieve a high average WN8-level which doesn't actually reflect the true skill of the player. Whereas 4 years ago 1500 wn8 would have been considered above average it would today be considered bad/below average by most high-end players. To remedy this and keep the rating viable as a way for top-clans to quickly measure the skill level of new recruits it was decided that new tanks/tank lines, including the Polish and Italian line, would
  12. Due to the inflation of WN8-values in the recent years we decided to exclude polish tanks from the rating thus droping the global average wn8-rating back to what was considered "average" 3 years ago. This decision will most likely affect all newly introduced tank lines/premium tanks introduced after/including the polish tank line up until the point where the average WN8-level drops down to a more managable level. This way we will be able to make wn8 great again. -Fabunil, purple poaster/representative of the wotlabs WN8-commitee
  13. Basically a faster T-44 with more DPM, better frontal hull armor(lol) which of course omes with an Romulan stealth-device installed cuz pancake light tank? I guess its side gets overmatched by 122s and it gets less health but still... Am I missing something? i.e it is different because its better in every way. I thought murazor doesn't do the balancing of these tanks anymore...
  14. Welp, Article 11 and 13 have been approved by the EU.

    The free internet was fun while it lasted.



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    2. Fabunil


      The same morons who have no clue on how the internet works but get to decide on policies that sound good on paper unless you do 2 mins of basic research are wondering why right wing nationalism is making a comeback in Europe.

      Fuck the EU.

    3. nabucodonsor


      Wrong the law apparently protects quotations, memes, parodies ect. Also platforms who use information for free like Wikipedia will not fall under copyright investigations.

      The problem may be with Youtube, Facebook and others who gain money trough advertisement using copyrighted material. Also it still has to be approved by the european commision who holds the final word on law's approvals. We will see what happens.


    4. hazzgar


      While the law has some serious flaws this is a huge overexaggeration so stop paniking. Most probably this will only mean a global content id and content takedown system a bit like there is on youtube. So annoying but most of you will never face it. Unfortunately some sites will be hit by it but shit like this already happens. After the Cambridge Analytica shit scared facebook they banned the biggest independent tv news newtork in south america if I remember right. Also in most cases false positives will be few and far in between. 


      I'm mostly annoyed at the law and how it's presented to the public because I really think internet regulation is needed but copyright is not the most important issue. People will get around copyright anyway. What we need is to talk how internet influences our access to information, how it changes journalism etc. This is the important case, not some 13 year old watching potato cams of Suicide Squad. 

  15. I don't see the problem, I haven't seen any IS-3s at all in the last couple of months. Part of that may or may not have to do with me not playing this game during that time though.
  16. WOWS-Economy in a nutshell:


    not that I am complaining of course...

    1. hall0


      Gosh I wish I could perform only half as good in my Izumo. 

      God I hate my Izumo

  17. Cancer fighting cancer as I see it. Both sides are ruining the game in different way, on the left side we have mentally 3-year olds who have no problem shooting both themselves and their teammates in the foot for a false sense of moral superiority while elevating the toxicity in the game to a whole new level while the other side ruins the game for everyone as WG to this day is still unable to introduce a mechanic that isn't completly braindead to use and completly infuriating to play against. The left side can be fixed by simply banning them from the game and the right side can be fi
  18. A Wargaming-Code for WOWS:


    It will give you a free premium container that contains flags or a free ship.

    1. DirtyACE7


      Thank you!

    2. Errants


      Much obliged, sir. Thanks!

    3. Minderbinder


      Awesome, many thanks mate

  19. The same developer that tested out the 268 V4 on the testserver and decided that it needed a buff before the release?
  20. Everything game mechanic-wise has already been discussed to death already and the only new mechanics introduced in the last couple of years were the swedish siege mode (basically forces your to bush wank), the arty stun (a different kind of annoying as fuck compared to the previous version) and the Italian autoreloader (or whatever it is called)(just a more flexible autoloader). Discussions about maps boil down to "Here are your 3 corridors! Pick this one if you got armor, pick this one if your are a bush wanker or pick this one if you want to die quickly!". Discussions about new tan
  21. Shouldn't a requirement of football be... i don't know... to handle the ball with your feet? Any reasonable person would have just called it "American Rugby", atleast this name would make sense.
  22. I'm just waiting for a Bethesda-version of this to happen:
  23. You can't just "revoke" access to an IP this way as the usage of it in this case falls under fair use. Them writing the opposite in their EULA doesn't mean doesn't mean jack in this case.
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