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  1. Welp, Article 11 and 13 have been approved by the EU.

    The free internet was fun while it lasted.



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    2. Fabunil


      The same morons who have no clue on how the internet works but get to decide on policies that sound good on paper unless you do 2 mins of basic research are wondering why right wing nationalism is making a comeback in Europe.

      Fuck the EU.

    3. nabucodonsor


      Wrong the law apparently protects quotations, memes, parodies ect. Also platforms who use information for free like Wikipedia will not fall under copyright investigations.

      The problem may be with Youtube, Facebook and others who gain money trough advertisement using copyrighted material. Also it still has to be approved by the european commision who holds the final word on law's approvals. We will see what happens.


    4. hazzgar


      While the law has some serious flaws this is a huge overexaggeration so stop paniking. Most probably this will only mean a global content id and content takedown system a bit like there is on youtube. So annoying but most of you will never face it. Unfortunately some sites will be hit by it but shit like this already happens. After the Cambridge Analytica shit scared facebook they banned the biggest independent tv news newtork in south america if I remember right. Also in most cases false positives will be few and far in between. 


      I'm mostly annoyed at the law and how it's presented to the public because I really think internet regulation is needed but copyright is not the most important issue. People will get around copyright anyway. What we need is to talk how internet influences our access to information, how it changes journalism etc. This is the important case, not some 13 year old watching potato cams of Suicide Squad. 

  2. WOWS-Economy in a nutshell:


    not that I am complaining of course...

    1. hall0


      Gosh I wish I could perform only half as good in my Izumo. 

      God I hate my Izumo

  3. A Wargaming-Code for WOWS:


    It will give you a free premium container that contains flags or a free ship.

    1. DirtyACE7


      Thank you!

    2. Errants


      Much obliged, sir. Thanks!

    3. Minderbinder


      Awesome, many thanks mate

  4. Patchday = Cancer.



    In other news, the 430U is hilarious and you can happily sell your T62A and retrain its crew for the 430 if you haven't done so already!

    4.3k DPG after 35 battles, reminds me a lot of the old T-22 in the way that you can play stupidly agressive and get away with it thanks to the broken armor.

    It definitely shits on all the other T10 Heaviums.

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    2. DHP


      430U has reached a point where it's hard to put it in the "heavium" category. At this point it's better armored than most heavy's.

    3. Darvek


      The Chinese heavies are going on-track this weekend on NA, if that factors into your decision at all. I intend to take advantage and grab at least the 5a. Maybe the 113 too if I can conjure up enough credits.

    4. nabucodonsor


      I'm on EU... But I am close to a discounted 5A from the Xmas event

  5. Lel


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    2. Fabunil


      I wouldn't even touch that cesspool with a 10 foot pole.

    3. Marty


      Is Jeff_Ich_Rigge_Jeff still around? Might be a position for him :kappa:

    4. Action


      "welcome to paris man. here is your original Wargaming brand lube to prepare for the russian shareholders that visit today. after that you got the nightshift banning everyone from the forums that uses the word OP in their posts. Tomorrow will be even more fun, you will do a life Q&A on our twitch channel,here are the 50 pages with info you are NOT allowed to answer"

  6. Why the fuck do high tiers still get to play on Mines all the fucking time and why the fuck is Mines Encounter still a thing...

  7. That feeling when you get randomly invited to your old clan you were a founding member of but left over a year ago and you don't know a single name on the member list.

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    2. Fabunil


      Certainly not, as far as I can tell the clan now consists of a few rerolls mixed with a whole lot of perma blues.

      Most of the core left after the grand campaign in 2016 and the remaining few notable members left in the following months after that.

      Judging by their recruitment thread it looks like some German idiot bought the clan/name and decided that he wants his own unicunt clan, doesn't seem to have worked out well so far.

      For even more lolz, NA seems to have a doppelgänger Green-shitter-version of our clan for some reason:

      Original: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/531058-santi-semper-anticus-recruitment-topic/

      NA-version: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/565415-santi-semper-anticus-competitive-cwsh-clan-1800-overall-2300-recent-apply-now/#topmost

      They copy&pasted the clan name, logo and even the first paragraph of the original recruitment thread, they are only missing the requirements to actually be a decent player.

      I would troll them so hard for that if I actually had a NA-account, but I seriously can't be bothered

    3. TAdoo87


      SANTI NA: 500 assist & 0.8 spots on t10 meds (= anti-statpadding req):serb:Best meme I have seen today.

      I always disliked copycats.

    4. flare_phoenix


      not gonna lie, I was extremely surprised the first time I saw a santi clan tag (on NA)

  8. The Object 705A aka what the E-100 "Gr8 Turret M8" wished to be.



    All these new Russian tanks are a pain in the dick to play against though, as crappy as their guns may be.

    1. leggasiini


      705A is also stupidly mobile for the amount of armor it gets, its kind ridiculous

      Its the ultimate final nail in the IS-4’s coffin pmuch

    2. Hellsfog


      Is-4 buff incoming because the tank no longer had a roll?

    3. Fabunil


      "We at wargayming would like to use this opportunity to buff the other underperforming high tier Russian vehicles as they have been underperforming compared to overpowered vehicles such as the Leopard 1 and Jagdpanzer E-100"

  9. Merry shitmas!

    1. TAdoo87


      Did you do that with your avatar? If so then good job


    2. Fabunil



      20 minutes spent for one, quite literally, crappy pun.

  10. New French Heavies "review":

    Tier 8 is kind of trash, paper hull, the turret only works against lower tiers (and good luck meeting them with the current tier 8 matchmaking), trash gunhandeling (not T34 level of gunhandeling but still...), decent mobility (slightly better than IS-3)  and if you load gold your penetration goes from 218 AP to 325 APCR for some fucking reason.


    Tier 9 is great, you actually get some decent armor.

    The upper plate gets ~270/290/300mm EFA against and lower plate gets ~220/240/255 against AP/APCR/HEAT.

    Small tumors are existant on the turret but can be hidding by using the gundepression.

    Gun is decent (127mm is trash, use the 120mm)

    Basically take a M103 and make it better in every single way (better gunhandeling, same DPM, stronger armor with smaller weakspots, better mobility, slightly more health)

    Atleast the M103 doesn't get the shoulder plates I guess...


    Tier 10 is disappointing tbh.

    It is mostly a copy of the tier 9.

    Basically take the tier 9, give it 7 mm more standard pen (even though it is the same gun), improve the gunhandeling and DPM slightly, increase the upper hull armor and give it it 300 more health. It also gets the same acceleration but worse traverse speed because lol engineupgrades (At this point I am 95% sure that the balancing department doesn't know that having access to engineupgrades actually affects the traversespeed of a tank...)

    Not getting penned in the upper hull by 330 HEAT is nice but imo not really worth the price of giving up the tier 9 mm.

    It gets access to an 130mm gun with 560 alpha though you have to give up the nice penetration values of the 120mm (250/280mm AP/AP for the 130 vs 264/325mm AP/APCR for the 120mm)

    It is an option but have fun with those 50/50 dice rolls when shooting at the front of a Type 5 Heavy.

    Overall though if you want to use the 120mm gun you are better of staying at tier 9.


    1. leggasiini


      Few things to note with the tier 8:

      Stock turret is like twice as small, has better armor (sure the cupola is weaker but the top turret cupola gets penned by anything relevant anyway and the entire turret front is cheese VS 250+ pen) and -10 depression instead of 8. You do lose HP and view range, tho. As for the gun stats, the DPM drops marginally and aim time becomes longer (tho 3 sec with top turret is still shit). The bloom and accuracy remains unchanged.

      If you use the 100 mm the stock turret might be actually better option just because of -10 depression, much smaller size and better armor. You dont have a huge blob exposed when peeking from a ridge. 

      Also, the 120 is quite expensive to research and you dont need it for M4 51, so there is an argument to ignore it completely if you wanna go to higher tiers quickly.

      No matter what option you pick, the tank is fucking horrible unless you spam 325 APCR with 120 and even then its underwhelming, and considering it gets the most godly premium ammo in the entire tier it just says how pathetic it is. Its like fucking TVP VTU of heavies, literally, both in shittiness and multiple options of shittiness to choose from.


      Tier 10 with 130 is very nice actually when you get to pen things. I can imagine it being extremely good when it gets to 3-5-7 match. 560 alpha gun on a tank that is probs fast enough to be called as a heavium is a pretty nice kind of flavor. If they only buffed the prem pen to like 295...cus fighting superheavies is rly ass with it. But yea, with 120 its underwhelming, only a very marginal upgrade from tier 9 and basically no reason to play it over Cyka Conqueror.

      2200 HP is also quite low for something that is so huge, especially when the tier 9 has 1900 which is actually quite solid. I think buffing the prem pen to 295 and HP to 2400 would be a pretty good boost for the tank.

    2. Assassin7


      any point in grinding the line? 

    3. Fabunil


      Assuming they dont change anything about it on the PTS:

      If you already have the tier 7, sure, why not.

      The tier 9 is overall probably the best overall heavy at tier 9 and overall the stock grinds are pretty painless (on the tier 8 the 100mm carries over from the other french lines and as @leggasiini said, playing it with the stock turret is actually an option since you essentially get the libere turret (i.e usable turret armor)) and the tier 9 gets the "top" 120mm from the getgo.

      If you want to keep the tier 9 it definetly is worth it, if you grind it for the tier 10 it really is your call, I consider it to be just an inferior super conquer with the 120mm or just a mediocre tank in general with the 130mm.

  11. Everything wrong with the WOWS halloween-event in 2 screenshots.



    1. Tedster59


      You mean everything wrong with basically every online game? :kappa: 

  12. Did they even playtest this?



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    2. TAdoo87


      I can't even get in a battle. 3k-5k people in the queue and after 5 mins it times out.

    3. DirtyACE7


      Comrade, it works 15% of the time 100% of the time. We guarantee it - WG

    4. TAdoo87


      EU1 crashed already. EU2 is lagging, and I dropped back to my garage in the middle of the battle (random battle, not this event game).

  13. Fun and enjoyable gameplay for everyone, thanks Murazor!


  14. AMX 50 Foch B "review":


    -It is not an AMX 50 Foch (155)

    -You get to humiliate some idiot on the open field once in a blue moon



    -Everything else



    If you don't have a turret and have an autoloader you can fuck off.

    Wait, scratch the last part:

    If you don't have a turret, fuck off.

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    2. hall0


      It is not hard being better than the Foch 155 because Foch 155 is abysmally bad. Even after this small buffs. 

      Foch B will be a nightmare for T8s but playing against super heavies or heavies in general it will struggle. And if the last enemy is a Strv, well, sucks to be you. 

    3. ZXrage


      At least it's not the latest episode of Murazor balancing department.

    4. Jaegaer


      WG: "get dis tenk, is gud, kills tenks"

      Player: "wow, here take my free exp/time/money"

      WG: "thx, but tenk is too gud, we remove shell and nerf intra by 0.5s, k, thx,bb"

      The sad part is that this works every time.

  15. Whoever designed this tank deserves to get fired.







    1. leggasiini


      If you thought Type 4 is disgusting, wait until you get the Type 5

  16. I love how ranked is just one giant shitty grindfest that you are forced to play if you want to stay competetive.


  17. He knows...:QBSeal:






    1. Assassin7


      you're disgusting. but its also the best thing I've ever seen

  18. Autism International: UK Election Special, where the best election slogan for either of the major parties would be "Atleast we are not the other party".

    It´s the American elections all over again, get fucked...

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    2. Fabunil




      Good thing I´m not a brit, if I were I wouldn´t know if I should laugh or cry.

    3. How_Terrible


      At least Corbyn isn't the PM!

    4. MAJEST1C


      Well US origin is from UK after all :doge:

  19. "Murazor is working on buffs for Soviet vehicles: Obj. 268, IS-7, Obj. 140, T-62"

    -A crayon eater from the balance department

    Meet wargayming, where ignorance meets incompetence.

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    2. ZXrage
    3. Nekommando


      MY BAD!
      IS-6/ KV-5 might get pen buff to both AP and APCR but I'd be content with them shooting APCR as regular rounds, with no premium shells available (like the O-Ho 105mm)
      because let's face it, 260+pen 122mm / 289pen 107mm are extremely excessive especially for prefMM tanks.

    4. hazzgar


      @Nekommando yeah but 217 with no prem round would really gimp them in the world of Superheavies and no weakspots. 

  20. People actually uploaded that crap...


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    2. Fabunil


      ^I wasn´t climbing there for tactical reasons but for fun because I was bored since it was a regular skirmish battle.

      If you want to you can use the climb to get a IS-7 or a Maus (not kidding) up on that mountain within 2-3 minutes of the game to basically create an unbreakable camp for cw.

    3. nabucodonsor


      Yeah that position is op... Can you go even further and go to g1?

    4. Fabunil


      You can get to F1 for sure.

      Pretty sure you can get to te centre of every square on this map except for E8 though.

  21. Member when they called the Type 59 broken and op?


    Ohhh, I member.

    1. hazzgar


      Old type59 was broken. It's still decent only because of how shit t8 meds are.

    2. rojo180


      I got mine to 93% today. Ground out 4.5million credits thanks to clan and personal credit boosters. :kreygasm:

    3. hazzgar


      @rojo180 I'm envious. As a teal moron I try to 2 mark mine but the gun is so damn unreliable I oscilate between 76 and 84 though I don't run food and spam too much sprem. Maybe I should but I hoped I would save that for 3 mark since maybe maybe it would be possible (but now I think it's not)

  22. Faillöwe got sum dreadlocks.



    1. leggasiini


      Faillöwe got pissed off because there is now 2nd Faillöwe so it became Rastalöwe

    2. Fabunil


      If only they fixed the gunmantlet...

    3. Fulcrous


      So instead of chocolate, does it use weed?

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