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  1. Did they buff the gun dispersion or is it still STB-grade?
  2. As the previous posters stated the dispersion after shooting is irrelevant except for autoloaders (batchat and T57 both shoot faster than they aim) and some low tiers with very small guns. The most important bloomvalue is the one for the turrettraverse since you have to traverse your turret all the time at full speed to reengage enemy vehicles, The STB-1 for example is considered to have much worse bloomvalues than the Leopard even though the STB gets better bloomvalues for both moving and traversing, what kills it is the bloomvalue for the turrettraverse. The same pretty much goes for the FV,
  3. Meh, its a centurion with worse turret armor, a worse gun (due to bloom values) but decent frontal hull armor. Not exactly impressive I would say
  4. Is there any 3D tankviewer that allows you to view the exact locations of the internal modules?

  5. I request an EU-only forum section which only members of the EU-server can view/post in to discuss illegal mods.
  6. If the Maus is afk you can reliably penetrate the sides with 100mm+ penetration (hell, you can penetrate the Maus with the KV-2s 152mm gun with HE if you know where to aim)
  7. I present to you: Sadly he doesn´t play anymore, I saw him one time in the game and he was neither botting nor working activly against his team(blocking, teamkilling/teamdamage, giving away allied positions...), all he did was to literally sit in the corner of the map behind a rock while occasionally moving his turret/tracks (he was not botting, a bot is smarter than that) ending the game as the last one allive (the enemy capped because capping is for winners) without even having shot a single round. He has a quite good survival rate for that WR (over 31%) as well as an extremly low spotting-
  8. The maximum spotting distance will become consistant, as it is currently the maximum distance depends on the relative position of your vehicle and the enemy´s one, so sometimes you cannot see an enemy from a distance of 510 meters whereas in another situation you can still see an enemy at a distance of 700 meters (for example you can see/shoot enemies in cap on Malinovka from the hill even though the distance is ~650+ meters but on Prokohovka on the 1 line you can barely see/shoot the enemies in front of you at a distance of only 500-something meters). Source? 500 meters seems a little low t
  9. They are refering to the maximum distance you can see (not spot) an enemy vehicle, currently only tanks that are in a inside a 1000x1000x1000(?) cube (with the center being your tank) are getting rendered by your client, this is going to change to be a sphere (or circle depending on how you look at it)
  10. If you don´t triple overmatch and the UNNORMALIZED angle is higher than 70° it is a riccochet, tanks.gg for some reason takes the normalized angle when determining wether the shot is a riccochet or not (which is wrong)
  11. This only shows/hides the replies to that particular status update, unless it doesn´t work for me correctly or I´m missing something there isn´t even a way to show the full status update(not even talking about pictures) when it is too long for the small box that contains it. The Quick reply-function is nice but it is relativly pointless if you can´t view the full status update you want to reply to in the first place making it in the end a useless function. Just give me a direct link to the status update and I am happy, as it is currently it is imho inferior to the old system.
  12. Meh, you can´t directly click on links or directly view pictures with the new system, maybe you could add a way to view the the status update in a seperate window in the same way the direct reply now works.
  13. Type59 sold for 1550 £ (or 2400$ or 2130€)


    I know it was for a charity but damn, thats a lot of money for a pixel tank...

    Gotta miss those times when you could buy the type for less than 30€ outside of a "superrare exclusive package" that includes 10 million credits aswell as a camonet and a light spalliner because fuck you for only 100€ or your regional equivalent:





    1. Sergeant_Fgt


      Back then I was like, nah I won't play that game more than a few times, no need to create an own account and waste so much money on pixels.
      Dunno, if regretz.

    2. Patient0


      who was running the charity?

    3. Sergeant_Fgt


      I think the account holder is Jingles. The guy who donated the code is mentioned within the auction's Q&A.

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  14. This mod should do what you want (it does include a zoomoutmod though). I stole it from the modpack I use created this mod with my great codingskills just for you. http://www.mediafire.com/download/3bai8qb93rudv3o/cammod.zip
  15. It stabilizes your gun when you are moving while in sniper mode (i.e your gun doesn´t jerk up and down all the time from even slight differences in the slope of the terrain), I am not sure why you can´t have it enabled without those annoying gun recoil effects but you can disable them with xvm.
  16. I´m not sure if anyone has done some extensive testing and published it (here is a comparison-video for the Cromwell/Bromwell traversespeed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fLzw3pIi6Y ) but the formula can be easily be proven in a training room (and yes, the formula is pretty much correct, It is the reason why the Luchs has the best(?) traverse speed in the game even though it has a nominal track traverse of only 33 (talk about lieing to us WG with your garage-stats... many heavy tanks have a "better" (atleast nominal) traverse speed than the Luchs)
  17. Here is a picture of one of the 2 KV-220s that were built: Both the gun and the turret are historically correct (atleast as correct as the version you mean: ) And yes, they are both KV-220s. As for the engine, I haven´t found anything after 5 minutes of googeling and I don´t care enough to do some serious research. On a sidenote, I (and probably most people) don´t care about "historically inaccurate" vehicles in the game as long as the vehicle is balanced, the Tiger 1 never used the long 8.8 gun, the Tiger 2 never used the 10.5 cm gun, you get the idea. For all I care they can keep the co
  18. Finally the first tank the the line that doesn´t have a DPM as if it was ammoracked from the start of the game onwards. The gun unloads 330 potential damage in 2 seconds and has a quick reload of 6.7 seconds and the machine is quite mobile, though the traversespeed is very low for a medium tank (depending on the engine upgrade this might not be an issue at all, the Luchs only get a nominal traverse speed of 33 though in reality it has on of the best traversespeeds in the game (if not the best) thanks to the stupid was it is calculated)
  19. Im gonna say no for 2 reasons: 1: Currently WG is only releasing the average exp with premium added and I highly doubt that they kept track on how many battles were actually played with/without premium making all old data useless (i.e everyone would be forced to basicly reroll). 2: It is easily paddable by heavy platooning with better players as winning has a major impact on your exp-output
  20. Working out the camovalue of a tank is relativly easy and can be done in a training room without any problems as it only requires some very basics maths. The exp-formula is a lot more complex and there are multiple hidden/unknows variables making it very difficult to reverse-engineer (plus it wouldn´t really be worth the work since knowing the exact formula wouldn´t benifit you in anyway unlike knowing the hidden camo-values)
  21. It is extremly difficult to work out the exact formula since there are so many unknown variables, unless WG someday decides to publish it we will probably never know it.
  22. 150mm > 105mm confirmed.




    Stronk Japanese armor


    1. ADeadMan1
    2. Nelson2011


      lol the side armor around there is like 35mm... you can do it do the o-i also if they are trying to angle the front

  23. The T-22 sr. is belenced part two:


    Keep the hype up.

    1. SchnitzelTruck


      Been playing around with it in tank inspector ever since it was leaked, the side armor is so bullshit. If I can only have 1 tank this is the tank I want.

    2. TheMostComfortableTanker


      It's also the fastest second fastest tier 10 med (behind only the bat chat), as well as also having the best gun dispersion of all tier 10 meds and the best accuracy/aimtime of the tier 10 soviet meds.  The turret roof also doesn't get autopenned by literally everything either.

      The only downside I can see so far besides the fact it has 1 less RPM than the other soviet hovermeds is possibly the ammo rack location.  It makes the 260 look tame.

      But yeah, ammo rack locations will likely be roughly the same as the 907.  Here's the ammo layout on that one http://imgur.com/a/AdjIJ

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