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  1. All "potential damage recieved" tracks is how much you got shot at, I don´t see how this can be superior to a statistic that tracks how much damage you actually avoided with your armorusage. According to your logic let´s say a T62A who has recieved a potential of 3.5k damage (of which 1k was blocked by armor) used his armor more effectivly than another T62A who got a potential damage recieved of only 2k of which however he bounced 1.5k until you realize that all the first T-62A did was to rush across the field on Malinovka to die in the first minute of the game (however several shots went into
  2. It makes perfect sense, why should a stat that tracks the effectivness of your armor usage also track shots that never hit the actual armor in the first place? (not counting spaced armor) Otherwise you would end up with situations where your light tank "blocks" more damage than your toptier heavy (ELC with 2k+ potential damage recieved because he used is armor in such a skillfull way) which doesn´t make any sense at all.
  3. It is a display/replaybug, the fueltank on the leopard has a hp of 200 whereas 105mm guns get a moduledamage of only 150 so even with a 25% highroll he wouldn´t have destroyed it with a single shot (and the previous shot by the IS-3 didn´t damage the fuel tanks either) My guess is that he either destroyed the surveying device or the radio but the replay showed just the wrong module as being destroyed.
  4. Overall the physics work fine (it nice that traintracks dont slow you down anymore as if they were made out of sandpaper), for certain tanks the physics are hilariously broken though, the Tetrach and the UE-whatever-the-name-is for example just have to stop from full speed on EVEN terrain to flip their tank because their center of weight is so high.
  5. I would atleast freexp the top 100mm gun if you haven´t unlocked it yet on the 50 100 unless you are prepared to spam a lot of gold(you don´t want to play a tier 9 with 170mm penetration) As for equipment, replace the binos with optics and you should be fine since the optics already give you enough viewrange for most situations. If you really want to have the GLD replace the vents with them, though I wouldn´t recommend you to do so, the effect GLD gives you is imo to little to replace the vents with it.
  6. Ahhhh, I see you try to shoot me into the side with your fascist 170mm gun or your capitalist 183mm gun with only 300-something penetration?



    1. veitileiN
    2. FreddBoy


      How in the absolute FUCK did WG think that this tank could EVER be balanced in game?

    3. Medjed


      ^^because it's russian, and there's no such thing as imbalanced russian tenk

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  7. You can block off certain parts of the map because of their size if you care about that, but the Maus is just as good/better due to the weight at doing that. Other than that the types gun is mounted at about the same height as the Maus-gun, so any spot that would work for the type would also work for the maus, but the lack of reliable turretarmor wouldn´t give you a huge tactical advantage anyway should you find such a spot.
  8. They are pretty much useless for SH since gold of equal tier tanks can easily just penetrate the frontal plate/turretfront (the tier 9/10 dont even get a gunmantlet, so unless you hit the gun directly it is a relativly easy penetration for gold), and that isn´t really what you want from your superheavy tank. The guns are pretty shitty for both the tier 8 and 10, the gun of the tier 10 is a mix between the Maus- and the E-100-gun in terms of alpha and dpm, but its goldrounds only have a penetration of 282 (though it is AP) so you will start having problems penetrating an unangled turretfront of
  9. Still disappointed that the great Bob Semple tank probably won´t be a thing
  10. How2SidescrapeInAMediumTenk: What sane person would not shoot a medium tank in the side that is showing it at an angle like that? Just by comparison, the Maus would have at the same angle an effective armor of ~250mm for AP. Gud "Medium tenk", too bad the UFP is fomed like a pike nose making it an easy penetration when sidescraping (it is angled at ~67° when directly looking at the enemy, becomes in theory an riccochetzone when fully abusing your gundepression . Anyway, you can always reversesidescrape and laugh at your enemys as they cry russian bias: (the tank is angled at 39° (or 141° depe
  11. Let´s see... Shitty gun (lol at that stupidly low dpm) Shitty mobility (decent topspeed, just like the AMX 40...) Shitty armor (It works against lower tier autocannons, but it gets regular mm..) Shitty MM (Tier IV is a horrible tier to play since you are utterly useless in tier 5 and 6 games...) Slightly above average HP (super important, gets oneshotted by derpguns anyway) GG gud tenk, would vomit again I expect a massive gun/mobility buff, currently it is hilariously bad, then again who the hell would care about it anyway.
  12. Where the hell are you getting these prices for the premium-time from? 30 days of premium cost about the same for both games (~10 euros), AM is slightly cheaper when buying 1-7 days of premium, WOT is slightly cheaper when buying 180-360 days. As for the cheaper premium tanks, it isn´t enough to make me switch games since all of them are in my WOT-account and I don´t plan on buying any new premiums on WOT or basicly rebuying them on AW.
  13. Tier 1-4 Who plays those tiers anyway... The tier 5 is overpowered as fuck, the tank is basicly an oversized version of the old KV-1S at tier 5 (no armor, decent mobility (lol at 100 ton tank going at 40 kp/h) stupidly big gun). The tier 6 is basicly a slower KV-2 with decent frontal armor and without any real weakspots (lol at that >200 EFA LFP tough) The tier 7 is meh The tier 8 is amusing because it gets a relativly decent derpgun while being able to mount a vertical stabilizer The tier 9 and 10 are just victims of the current gold/arty-meta at high tiers, which makes their only gimmick
  14. Besterest pleyer EU, I usually don´t do this but this is hilarious:



  15. I´m not a CW-player myself (I currently dont even have a clan...) but the reason the IS-7 is used so much is it´s quasi immunity to gold ammo when hulldown, thus making it a very good tank for holding chokepoints. While they massivly buffed (overbuffed imo) the E5s weakspots against creditammo, goldammo will still go through the lfp/cupola like it did before the buff, and considering that goldammo is pretty much the standard ammo in cw the situation for the E5 won´t change too much.
  16. I sexually identify myself as feminist popstar Yukarin Himesaki, I have the power to change my hair color at will and hunt demons at night with my trusty sword Murasame. I find this patriarchal thread highly triggering and if you don´t stop offending me I will be forced to inform the media that you have "raped" me.
  17. New superheavy stetpedding-meta confirmed


    I love how WG balances tanks.

    "100 ton tank at tier 5? lets give it a 105mm gun and make it the fastest heavy tank at that tier!"

    1. Nekommando


      Unfair plane doesn't even heff2kempbush

    2. PlanetaryGenocide
    3. Nekommando


      Just had a game where I tried kempbush with this (Battle Tier7). 2.4K dmg that game, this is what u get when you play unfair tenks in unfair plane. 

  18. Its a shitty tank all around, the gun has barely enough penetration to go through the ass of the russkie heavies, and you need to be ~10 meters beind them to even hit your shots because the accuracy and the bloomvalues are dreadfull. It can be fun to hit and penetrate against certain german TDs but other than that it simply gets outclassed by every other tier 5 light tank, worst DPM AND penetration is a bad combination to have... As for te DerpVK at tier 6, it is a shitty tank too but it is quick and has a derp gun which makes it that much more fun to play, for me it is a keeper and I wouldnt
  19. I don´t want to create an argument about this but... Vents >>> GLD
  20. It is imo not really worth creating a thread about since there already is a MOE-thread if you want to show off, alternativly use the status feed. Congratz anyway
  21. Unless you are sidehugging the VK you will at most maybe negate maybe 3-4 degrees at most when facehugging eachother so it would be an autobounce either way. The O-Ho is big, but it isn´t THAT much bigger than the VK(plus frontally it doesn´t get frontally any gundepression anyway), in a realistic combat-situation this is never going to happen on flat ground. You can do the same test in a Tiger 2, the result will be the same.
  22. An comprehensive guide on how to penetrate the new Japanese Heavies starting with tier 5:


    3 minutes of my life wasted.

    1. Medjed


      anime is literally cancer

    2. monkey10120


      How to be a pedo 101

  23. ...except for the fact that you need atleast a 122mm gun to do so(the 105mm gun CANNOT overmatch either roofs as I have already stated before unless you are using the 150mm gun with AP, in which case.. good luck hitting that roof with that gun)
  24. Unless you are aiming down on the turret (i.e you are above the tank) you cannot hit the 40mm zone at all since the VKB is bigger than than all of those tanks using the 122mm gun, you are overestimating it by quite a lot. It is in the same way a weakspot as the weak 30mm roof on the IS-7-turret is a weakspot, it is technically there but in practice you almost never get to shoot at it.
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